The Ultimate Africa Adventure Travel Vacations + Local Advice

Our Africa adventure travel safaris combine off-the-beaten-track destinations with unforgettable activities. Whether it’s your first African safari vacation or the mark of a return to Africa, our Africa Adventure travel specialists will use their deep-seated connections with the continent to plan a trip that captures everything you’re looking for. From walking safaris, and gorilla trekking that concentrates on the larger ecology to boat cruises that put you up close to gorillas, elephants, hippos, and birds, we can organize African adventure travel experiences that show you the bush in a new light.

It should come as no surprise that Africa still offers enormous and largely uncharted stretches of wilderness where those with an adventurous spirit may actually feel alive, even though our everyday environment may at times seem crowded and controlled.

African Safaris – What NOT to Do on a Safari

Africa Adventure Travel Vacations to match your interests

We can design an itinerary to suit your preferences, whether the allure of a safari is centered around the gorilla trekking, wildlife, such as witnessing the Great Migration or spotting the Big Five, or you want to mark a special occasion. We’ll make suggestions on how to customize it based on your preferences, like adding extra beach time or family-friendly activities.

The Big Five are among the most sought-after species to see on an African safari: lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and Cape buffalo. While some are common, others, like rhinos, are becoming fewer in number and frequently require local knowledge to find (along with a pinch of good luck).

Uganda Gorilla Safaris Cost & Best Time to Go. Gorilla Trekking in Uganda takes you Hiking in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park. Both the two parks host Mountain Gorillas in Uganda.

Book customized remarkable Rwanda Gorilla tours or Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda for exceptional Gorilla tours with Kabira Gorilla SafarisGorilla trekking is one of the Best Rwanda Safari activities popularly termed a unique wildlife experience.

Gorilla Habituation Experience Safaris are only in Bwindi National Park in Africa. Gorilla Habituation Experience Uganda involves a team of individuals like trackers, researchers, conservationists, and rangers who take 2-3 years to have a group of Mountain Gorillas.

Why you need to experience an African safari vacation:

An Arab Family Goes On An African Adventure! (Inside Masai Mara)

Incredible Game Viewing: With the help of knowledgeable guides, you may get up close and personal with the Big 5 (lion, leopard, elephant, rhino, and buffalo) and other animals found only in Africa.

Rewarding Experiences: The essential ingredients are present for an immersion into once-in-a-lifetime experiences, including walking safaris, hot-air balloon safaris, and cultural encounters with locals. Experience the people, sites, and wildlife that will leave you with enduring and treasured memories of Africa.

The Luxury of Time: Intimate lodges with individual plunge pools and spa amenities let you disconnect from the outside world in some of the world’s most secluded locations.

Indulge Your Senses: With the sounds of the bush serenading you, enjoy sundowners while watching giraffes meander over the hot pink horizon. Gourmet African cuisine and wines can be sampled at fireside dinners.

Beyond the Wild: The finest itineraries incorporate the top locations in Africa. With all the logistics and transportation handled, it’s simple to travel from the African jungle to bustling Cape Town or an exquisite Indian Ocean island.

Traveling with Purpose: Every safari in Africa helps laudable goals like environmental protection and community growth. You’ll be able to enjoy your excursions knowing that you made your trip count: it’s the ultimate win-win.

things to do in Uganda

Choosing Budget Gorilla Safaris in Uganda makes it easy to have a Gorilla trekking Experience.  Budget travelers can take advantage of the factors that can reduce the cost of their Gorilla Safari in Uganda

Gorilla Trekking Tours in Rwanda

Luxury Gorilla Trekking Rwanda for superb Lifetime experiences with the Mountain Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park Rwanda. Gorilla Safaris in Rwanda are full of ecstasy, elegance, and comfort. Luxurious hotels.

Uganda Gorilla flying Safari

Flying Gorilla Trekking Safaris In Uganda to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park are specifically holidays where connection to the park is by flight.


Congo Gorilla tracking in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This is one of the less explored treasures in Africa though it hosted Africa’s protected areas.