Africa Honeymoon Packages & Must-see Honeymoon Destinations

Honeymoons are one vacation that really must be perfect. How can you pick the ideal honeymoon destination from among so many amazing options?

Even though there are a lot of beautiful destinations to visit on a honeymoon, few can compare to an African safari. An unforgettable honeymoon can be yours in Africa, home to powdery white sand beaches, vast wildlife-filled savannahs, and some of the world’s most picturesque landscapes.

Honeymoon spots in Africa are as varied and beautiful as the continent itself, and they can be enjoyed independently or combined. Africa provides five-star lodgings in breathtaking settings, impeccable service, delectable food, complete seclusion, and first-rate planning for your vacation. Savor romantic candlelit dinners on a tropical beach or beneath a starry sky in the bush, take advantage of your personal guide for personalized safari activities, or just relax by your private pool.

To which African destination, though, would you recommend for a honeymoon? Thousands of newlyweds from all around the world, including some of our own, have had their honeymoons customized to Africa since 2021. Listed here is our recommendation for the top honeymoon spots in Africa…

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Must-see African Honeymoon Destinations

If you’re seeking a romantic retreat that combines sun-kissed beaches with enchanting wilderness retreats, then Africa is unquestionably the place for you.

These are some of the most romantic places in Africa that newlyweds should visit on their honeymoon.

1. Tanzania Honeymoon

In addition to hosting the world-famous Great Wildebeest Migration in Serengeti National Park, Tanzania is home to large felines, enormous elephant herds, and flourishing rainforests teeming with chimpanzees. An ideal “bush-and-beach” African honeymoon spot, Zanzibar is conveniently located near other Crusoe-esque islands in the Indian Ocean, such as Pemba and Mnemba.

When you’re on safari, you can ride in a hot air balloon over the African landscape with the help of a knowledgeable guide. Extending your honeymoon activities in Africa to include walking safaris, night drives, off-road game watching, and mountain biking is possible when you stay in private game reserves.

Best Time To Go On A Tanzania Honeymoon

Even though Tanzania is a fantastic place to see wildlife at any time of year, the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, Tarangire, and Lake Manyara safari zones often have the best weather from June to October, when the dry season begins. During your honeymoon in Africa, be sure to visit the Serengeti between November and August if you want to see the Wildebeest Migration.

The months of June through March are ideal for a tropical beach honeymoon in Africa, including visits to the coast of Tanzania, Zanzibar, and the islands of the country.

Why We Love Tanzania For An Africa Honeymoon

  • Experience the Wildebeest Migration in small, rustic safari lodges.
  • Nyerere (previously Selous), Mahale, and Ruaha are great places to go on a private safari.
  • In the Ngorongoro Crater, you may see the Big Five while living in opulent cliffside accommodations.
  • Enjoy intimate bush dinners beneath a starry sky.
  • A private island in the Indian Ocean is the perfect way to end your safari honeymoon.

2. Namibia Honeymoon

Although Etosha National Park offers great animal viewing in this welcoming and easy-to-travel nation, the Namib Desert is without a doubt the most romantic African location for a honeymoon.

The Namib is a captivating place of quiet, primeval beauty and starry nights during the dry season in Namibia, which lasts from June to October. It would be remiss not to explore the world-renowned Sossusvlei dunes, which rise hundreds of feet above the ground. A hot-air balloon ride will give you a bird’s-eye view, or you can climb a dune to see the sun rise. Additionally, you will go on desert adventures accompanied by knowledgeable local guides, searching for rare and exotic animals in an unexpectedly varied habitat.

Best Time To Go On A Namibia Honeymoon:

You may explore the stunning dunes at Sossusvlei at any time of year, but many consider May to be the greatest time to watch wildlife in Etosha due to the dry winter months.

Why We Love Namibia For An Africa Honeymoon:

  • Immerse yourself in solitude in a sparsely populated nation boasting expansive skies and breathtaking landscapes.
  • Indulge in a romantic hot-air balloon ride over the oldest desert on Earth.
  • One of the naturally darkest (yet accessible) areas on Earth, the NamibRand Nature Reserve is home to Africa’s only Dark Sky Reserve, where you may sleep under the stars.
  • In the Kaokoveld, Damaraland, and the Skeleton Coast—three of Africa’s most inaccessible and untamed regions—you can experience the lap of luxury like a nomad.

3. Seychelles Honeymoon

The Seychelles—picture this: picture this: picture perfect beaches, crystal-clear warm water, and a couple’s massage. The Seychelles are a group of islands in the Indian Ocean that enjoy tropical weather and have a reputation for romance. Some of the islands are enormous, while others are smaller than a city block.

In addition to hiking and mountain biking, there will be practically every kind of water sport imaginable. Privately owned North Island is the most iconic location in terms of where to stay. As the sole place to stay on this jungle-clad granite, North Island Lodge is sure to provide a stay of unabashed but mild decadence, making it the honeymoon destination of choice for African royalty and rock stars. You have a private theater in your opulent villa in addition to a pool and a lounge. And while you’re there, have a conversation with the chef about the dishes you love, and then savor them by candlelight in either the restaurant or your villa.

Best Time To Go On A Seychelles Honeymoon:

It is an ideal location for an African honeymoon due to its warm and sunny climate all year round. December–April is when you can expect the hottest weather, with January and February being the rainiest. The finest months to go scuba diving are April/May and October/November.

Why We Love Seychelles For An Africa Honeymoon:

  • Relax on some of Africa’s most beautiful beaches.
  • Experience the pinnacle of opulence at chic beach villas and award-winning resorts.
  • Both the service and the logistics couldn’t be better.
  • Visit the private islands for miles of pristine beachfront and plenty of room to spread out your beach towels.

4. Zambia Honeymoon

The Zambian name for Victoria Falls translates to ‘the Smoke that Thunders,’ which is fitting given the precipitous descent of the mile-wide Zambezi River into the abyss. As well as helicopter rides and romantic sunset river cruises, this location is famous for adrenaline-pumping activities like river rafting and bungee jumping.

Best Time To Go On A Victoria Falls Honeymoon:

It all comes down to your expectations when choosing Vic Falls as your honeymoon getaway in Africa. The best time to see the waterfall is between the months of March and July, when it is at its highest flow. Typically, white-water rafting and swimming in Devil’s Pool are at their best from around September to December, when there is often very little water flowing over Victoria Falls.

Game viewing is at its peak in easily accessible places like Zimbabwe, Zambia, Botswana, and South Africa between June and October, making it an ideal time to combine a safari with a visit to Vic Falls.

Why We Love Victoria Falls For An Africa Honeymoon:

  • Marvel at the largest waterfall on Earth—a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
  • A helicopter ride above the waterfall would be a romantic getaway.
  • For a peaceful and private stay, consider one of the riverside lodges in Zambia near Vic Falls.
  • Take a picnic to Livingstone Island for lunch.

5. Botswana Honeymoon

Safariking across Botswana will transport you back in time to the era of the first European explorers, when you can witness tens of thousands of elephants, big cats, wild canines, and crocodiles and hippos in the rivers.

Botswana safaris are mostly about game drives. You’ll go hunting in the wee hours of the morning and late afternoon for large game, and then you’ll bring a flashlight back to camp to reel in creatures that hunt at night. You can explore the Okavango Delta by motorboat or mokoro (traditional canoe) since many lodges are located on rivers or in the remoteness of the wetland.

A honeymoon in Africa would be perfect at one of the smaller camps with just three or four suites because of how secluded it is. Private plunge pools, outdoor spas, and four-poster beds provide an intimate and romantic atmosphere. Additionally, you have the option to spend the night in a sky bed that is exposed to the stars for a really unique experience.

Even though some camps are located on isolated islands in the middle of the Okavango Delta, they nonetheless provide an unparalleled level of glamping. Imagine a hotel in the midst of the Kalahari with spa services, pool pavilions, and in-room fireplaces.

Best Time To Go On A Botswana Honeymoon:

Safaris in Botswana are second to none, year-round, thanks to the country’s pleasant temperature and its many world-renowned parks and reserves, such as Chobe National Park, the Okavango Delta, and Moremi Game Reserve.

Honeymooners looking for cooler weather, less rain, and a lower chance of malaria should consider an African destination in the dry winter months of May through October. Additionally, this is the time of year when the final surviving water sources of the dry season attract an ever-increasing concentration of animals, making for just breathtaking game viewing.

Why We Love Botswana For An Africa Honeymoon:

  • Embark on a serene safari through the Okavango Delta’s winding canals aboard a native mokoro.
  • Intimate campers in secluded areas offer the perfect blend of luxury and adventure.
  • Indulge in some of Southern Africa’s finest water-based wildlife watching.
  • Indulge in a moonlit stargazing session while gazing at the boundless Milky Way.

6. Mozambique Honeymoon

In search of that secluded beachside hideaway in Africa that offers perfect weather, plenty of romantic amenities, and a little bit of seclusion? Look into the Quirimbas Archipelago. The Quirimbas are a group of coral islands off the coast of Mozambique in the tropical Indian Ocean. The average temperature of the islands is around 24°C (75°F) year-round, with sea temperatures ranging from 24°C (86°F) to 30°C (86°F).

A large portion of the Quirimbas archipelago is a marine park, making it an ideal destination for scuba divers and water sport enthusiasts. However, getting wet isn’t necessary to have a good time on the Quirimbas. Massages on the beach and sunset cruises in traditional dhow sailboats are among popular activities here. Elegant, intimate lodges, often the sole establishment on an island, dot the landscape of the islands.

Best Time To Go On A Mozambique Honeymoon:

Avoid the heaviest rains in January and February and go between May and September, when it rains very little.

Why We Love Botswana For An Africa Honeymoon:

  • The most idyllic honeymoon spots can be found on little islands.
  • Take advantage of the best snorkeling conditions ever
  • Discover magical woods while swimming with exotic marine creatures like dugongs and turtles.

7. South Africa Honeymoon

You could forget you’re in the same nation when you visit the Rainbow Nation and see its vineyards, semi-deserts, and savannahs. South Africa is one of the top African honeymoon destinations because of its incredible variety.

The Cape Winelands in picturesque Cape Town provide more sedentary attractions, such as sampling of gourmet food, wine, cheese, and chocolate. While in South Africa on your honeymoon, we suggest staying at Franschhoek. Situated in the Cape Winelands and known as the gastronomic capital of South Africa, this picturesque town is encircled by rugged mountains.

Safari activities in the Kruger National Park mostly consist of game drives. The private game reserves of the Kruger National Park are where you should book your stay. These conservation areas are known for their luxurious safari lodges and first-rate service. While on your honeymoon in South Africa, you may indulge in the finest in opulence while also seeing the Big Five in all their natural splendor and participating in unique activities like guided walks and spot-lit night drives. Also, if you and your spouse are planning a safari honeymoon in South Africa, one of the top things to do is to book a star-bed sleepout at one of the top safari locations.

Best Time To Go On A South Africa Honeymoon:

While safari parks like Kruger National Park offer breathtaking wildlife watching during the dry season (May–October), newlyweds planning a trip to Cape Town and the Winelands during this time should be aware that it is typically wet there (particularly from June to August).

Malaria is most common in the Kruger National Park during the dry season (May–October), but you may enjoy a safari in South Africa without the risk of malaria at Madikwe Game Reserve and other reserves in the Eastern Cape at any time of year.

Why We Love South Africa For An Africa Honeymoon:

  • In Cape Town, the Winelands, and Kruger’s private reserves, you may enjoy world-class amenities and culinary expertise.
  • The transportation system is second to none, made possible by first-rate tourist and logistics facilities.
  • Savor Africa’s Premier Big Five Game Viewing Experience
  • Its price-to-quality ratio is unparalleled.

8. Zimbabwe Honeymoon

Although Victoria Falls is the most well-known honeymoon location in Zimbabwe, the country is rich in wildlife and offers safari spots that are equally picturesque and adventurous.

Placed on the untamed shores of the world’s biggest manmade lake, Lake Kariba, a small number of hotels provide land and water-based game viewing, walking safaris, and opportunities to engage with the local population. Savannah, open water, and faraway mountains make up the pristine scenery, and the sunsets are said to be among of the greatest in all of Africa.

On your honeymoon in Africa, visit Mana Pools National Park for a more classic safari. Elephants, buffalo, lions, leopards, and rare wild dogs are just some of the species drawn to the abundant water in the rugged and picturesque Mana Pools.

Best Time To Go On A Zimbabwe Honeymoon:

If you want to escape the heat and bugs, the best time to go is between May and October, when it’s dry and cool. The rainiest and wettest months are June through August. Even though it’s hot and dusty in September and October, seeing wildlife is at its best during this time.

Why We Love Zimbabwe For An Africa Honeymoon:

  • Combine a safari with a visit to Victoria Falls with ease.
  • Indulge in romantic candlelit dinners while gazing out over Lake Kariba.
  • Camps at Mana Pools, whether private or secluded, provide guests with complete privacy.
  • Accompany yourself with top-tier safari guides

9. Kenya Honeymoon

As the setting for the Hollywood romance ‘Out of Africa,’ the Masai Mara in Kenya is a place of sunlit savannahs, roaring herds of plains game, and the red-cloaked Maasai people.

Why not follow the ‘Out of Africa’ theme all the way to the end? You may have a romantic picnic for two at the beautiful Angama Mara safari lodge, just where the movie was shot—a location that any cinephile will recognise. The pinnacle of African honeymoon activities! When the Wildebeest Migration reaches its most spectacular part, the notorious river crossings, Angama is a good place to be.

Private conservancies bordering the national reserve are another great place to stay in the Mara. In exchange for monetary compensation and other forms of aid, including as healthcare programs, educational opportunities, and cattle and grazing management, the local Maasai community leases out these conservation areas to safari companies. This implies that the preservation of animals and the development of local communities are directly influenced by your honeymoon in Africa. Away from the national reserve, which may get somewhat crowded during the Wildebeest Migration, these exclusive-use zones provide discreet service at small camps and a more peaceful safari experience.

The greatest times to see animals in the Masai Mara are during morning and afternoon game drives, but many lodges also provide hot-air balloon safaris, which include a champagne breakfast, and opportunities to visit a local Maasai village.

Best Time To Go On A Kenya Honeymoon:

You can go there pretty much any time of year because to the mild weather and fantastic game viewing opportunities. Keep away from the torrential downpours that hit in April and May, though.

In order to witness the Great Wildebeest Migration, it is crucial to plan your honeymoon to Africa around the correct season. From the neighboring Serengeti, the herds typically enter the Masai Mara in late July and remain there until approximately November, with the exact date depending on the rainfall.

Why We Love Kenya For An Africa Honeymoon:

  • The hill depicted in the movie poster as “Out of Africa” is the perfect setting for a romantic picnic.
  • Experience the Migration of the Wildebeest
  • Start your day with a sunrise hot air balloon adventure.
  • Take in breathtaking views of wildlife, particularly large feline species like leopards, cheetahs, and lions.
  • Camp in style and privacy in sections reserved just for your party.
  • Elephant Manor in Nairobi is a one-of-a-kind place to stay.

10. Mauritius Honeymoon

Located in the Indian Ocean, the island of Mauritius is a tropical paradise with pristine beaches, turquoise waters, and vibrant coral reefs all around. Over the years, it has consistently ranked high among South Africans’ most beloved honeymoon spots.

The island’s shoreline is lined with world-class vacation resorts that provide huge pools, an abundance of water activities, and shaded sun loungers just feet away from the water. One of the best things about a honeymoon in Mauritius is how convenient everything is; the service is great, the facilities are great, and any taste can be satisfied.

Best Time To Go On A Mauritius Honeymoon:

The beautiful island of Mauritius experiences warm weather all year round because to its tropical climate, but the months of May through November are ideal for a sunny, mild, and dry vacation. The summer months (December–April) can bring hot and muggy weather.

Why We Love Mauritius For An Africa Honeymoon:

  • Enjoy a stay at one of the many luxurious honeymoon resorts dotting the coastline of Africa.
  • Go windsurfing, parasailing, water skiing, snorkeling, and enjoy the ocean!
  • Private beaches and secluded coves are perfect for posh mansions.
  • A Southern African safari is a perfect complement.