Luxurious African Safari For Couples: Romantic Tours For Two

The great majority of the hotels on our pages appeal to couples over all other vacation styles.

While some camps are great for groups and others have a strong honeymoon concentration, most are especially fit for couples of all ages. Suggesting certain trips for couples is consequently somewhat challenging! But we can keep couples away from family-oriented camps, or those highly sought-after by honeymooners, and from that point on practically all of Africa is open for your travels. Therefore, rather than focusing on certain camps, we advise you to first choose which type of couple safari holiday best suits you.

Few places as romantic as Africa exist. Framed by far-off mountains marching away in tones of navy and purple, wide blue sky curve down to golden fields that roll to the horizon. Africa wakes your senses: wild sage smells, fish hawk cries, and leopard sightings that cause goosebumps. The evenings are cold and the days are wonderfully hot. African hospitality is friendly and genuine; a top safari lodge is difficult to match for gourmet meals or extravagant comfort.

Look no further if you and your travel buddy are seeking a setting rich in adventure and romance, a memorable honeymoon, or a last jaunt before you pass over into the domain of family travellers. Our finest African safaris for couples are listed here:

Luxury Honeymoon Safari Package

SOUTH AFRICA | incredible safari & honeymoon in kruger, cape town, and franschhoek

Africa Safari For Couples

On an African couples safari, romance is waiting among wide savannas and undulating sand dunes. Embrace under starry heavens, awaken wrapped in each other’s arms to the song of songbirds, and go hand-in-hand into the wonders of wildlife wandering free over the vast plains.

See lions tucking in at daybreak. At sunset, sip champagne while elephants stroll past. Lay stretched on a remote beach, the waves softly washing the coast. Candlelit bush dinners or the chance to dance barefoot in a luxury glamping site will help you to create enchanted moments among the grandeur of nature that will always be carved in your heart.

Discover your sanctuary customized to your concept of romance, where leisure blends with special wildlife sightings as we highlight the most romantic locations and exclusive experiences for African safaris for couples.

Our Best East & South African Safari Tours For Couples

Couples on an adult-only African safari can enjoy in exclusive trips bursting with incredible romance. A safari package catered to your chosen speed, tastes, and goals will let you relax in a serene environment.

Luxurious treehouse apartments to candlelight tents nestled into the jungle are among the unusual lodging options. Under the stars, bask in passionate encounters accompanied by wilderness sounds. During events like champagne picnics, mokoro rides, and private plunge pools—bespoke activities guarantee you experience seclusion and exclusivity. Massages and romantic outdoor showers from sensual couples add to the adventure. On an exclusive game drive, there are less cars around, so you may see excellent animals in peace.

Safari And Beach Vacations

Safari And Beach Vacations

We would advise looking into East Africa if you wish to go on safari and also visit a beach. Tanzania is particularly desirable because of its several safari sites and near proximity to the Zanzibar Archipelago, home of the most reasonably priced beach resorts in Africa. Tanzania suits first-time visitors as well as safari enthusiasts, hence there is a safari to fit any type of holidayer. Here, the beaches are also superior than those along Kenya Coast. Although the beaches of Mozambique are worth seeing as well, it’s important to be aware that rates tend to soar when connecting here for a beach stop.

East Africa Year-Round Migration Safari

East Africa Year-Round Migration Safari

Two of the most popular safari locations in Africa, Kenya and Tanzania, offer a personal and real journey that will readily top our list of the best safaris for couples. Starting a night at Arusha Lodge on Gibbs Farm, tucked against the Ngorongoro Conservation Area’s forest-like hills, it is not rare to encounter the Big Five in one game drive in the Crater!

Your trip then leads to the Serengeti, where you will spend time at the semi-permanent safari camp Ubuntu Migration Camp. Following enormous herds of wildebeest as well as a scattering of antelope and zebra throughout the huge plains will provide the most real sense of the Great Migration.

You will lodge at Rekero Camp in the Masai Mara, your last stop. Several of the greatest guides on the continent will ensure you have lots of animal experiences. Immersion cultural trips will also help you to learn about how African tribes have evolved to coexist with their hostile environment.

Tanzania’s Tarangire, Crater & Serengeti

Tanzania’s Tarangire, Crater & Serengeti

Tanzania in East Africa has a great safari legacy, hence this nine-day action-packed trip is a suitable homage to that. Arusha Coffee Lodge, at the northern Serengeti plains gate and home of some of the best coffee estates in the nation, is your base. Early mornings and evenings around Oliver’s Camp’s roaring fire in Tarangire National Park will be much awaited.

Following the excitement of a walking safari and night drives in Tarangire, you will proceed to one of the most game-rich areas in Africa: the Ngorongoro Crater. One of the best highlights of your trip is probably a game drive around the crater from Gibb’s Farm.

Tanzania’s Classic Northern Circuit

Tanzania’s Classic Northern Circuit

Spend eight amazing days seeing well-known safari locations such the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Tarangire National Park (a hidden treasure and protected area with massive baobabs, grassy plains and big elephant herds), for the greatest African safaris for couples. Though camping in luxury tented camps, climbing the crater of a dormant volcano, and bush hikes will also be much appreciated in all three locations, fantastic game watching is a major lure.

You will also be able to see the Great Migration using your bucket-list between January and March. This draws visitors from all around the world and is really one of the most amazing displays nature offers. Simply not to be missed for couples looking for wild adventure, this is the biggest herd migration of animals on Earth.

Wild mountain gorilla numbers grow to more than 1,000

Uganda Fly-In Gorillas, Chimps & Wildlife

This 7-day trip transports you to Uganda’s immaculate rainforests, home of the mountain gorilla under threat. Discover real gorilla trekking as well as the chance to look for rare birds or golden monkeys by entering the untamed heart of Queen Elizabeth National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Uganda.

After trekking, sometimes for many hours, throughout the deep rainforest, your guide will notify you to the presence of the gorillas. It is an amazing experience. You will be able to watch them in their natural habitat for up to one hour, feeding, eating, sleeping. Little ones might even approach and are frequently highly inquisitive. Make sure you keep still and observant to the surroundings and the animals.

For couples, this life-changing event ranks highest on their bucket-list travels. And you’ll want to return for more after you travel combining this unique experience with accommodations in reasonably priced, elegant hotels.

Romantic Chobe, Delta & Mozambique Island

Romantic Chobe, Delta & Mozambique Island

Discover the iconic romance of the Okavango Delta in Botswana within the venerable Chobe National Park. Botswana shows routinely on the Top Ten bucket-list locations in Africa for good reason. The government has pushed low numbers of guests at higher costs per person since the 1960s. This means opulent lodges in large areas of pristine nature with an average of 24 guests. Your guarantee is that every leopard sighting will not cause a traffic bottleneck.

After your safari trip ends, you will be flown to Azura Benguerra Island in Mozambique, where you will spend a week in a remote Indian Ocean paradise, swim and lounge on powder-soft sand beaches. Often the easiest travel experiences are the ones when you find yourself seated side-by-side in the subdued splendor of a flaming sunset, toasting the absolute beauty all around you and to each other.

Romantic Chobe, Delta & Mozambique Island

Classic Cape Town, Kruger & Victoria Falls

Designed with love, you will be able to savor this 11-day romantic journey throughout the southernmost part of Africa. This is a journey from Cape Town, over the wilds of Kruger, to the “Smoke that Thunders,” Victoria Falls – the rightly named, “Adventure Capital of Africa,” for couples and honeymooners.

See great cuisine and award-winning wines, relax on white-sand beaches sun-soaking, or take a cable car above the skies on Table Mountain in Cape Town. Discover Africa’s renowned Big Five in Kruger, which celebrates sunrise and sunset game drives and culminates in a stay in a magnificent Edwardian masterpiece that best captures the romanticism of the big tours of yesteryear.

South Africa’s Cape Town, Kruger & Kalahari

South Africa’s Cape Town, Kruger & Kalahari

For a sumptuous 15-day excursion, this luxury travel plan is ideal for a very glamorous experience replete with spa treatments, excellent dining and visiting some of South Africa’s most remote and gorgeous game reserves. One of the best African safaris available for couples, it is meant for isolated romance in Africa.

Starting in the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve, which offers a first-rate African wildlife tour, you will After two leisurely evenings in Johannesburg, you will next drive to the Tswalu Kalahari Private Game Reserve, which borders the Kalahari Desert. Your trip culminates in Cape Town, a vibrant city where Table Mountain lifts you above the skies and white-sand beaches call with the promise of sun-soaked days and the V&A Waterfront offers some of the best retail choices on the continent.

Luxury Kruger, Livingstone & South Luangwa

Luxury Kruger, Livingstone & South Luangwa

From the Greater Kruger and Victoria Falls to Zambia’s South Luangwa National Park, Southern Africa’s best wilderness places are waiting to be explored on this 12-day luxury tour.

Starting at Londolozi Pioneers Camp, you will enjoy true safari luxury and get amazing animal sightings. After your Kruger fill, you head to Victoria Falls. Perched on the great Zambezi River, just upstream from the thunderous wonder known as the Falls, you will stay at Thorntree River Lodge Your last trip finds you in the great wilderness of South Luangwa, the base of walking safaris. Perfect service, great meals, opulent hotels, and some of the best wildlife watching in Africa are all part of this vacation.

Recommended Destinations: Africa Safari For Couples

Tanzania Safaris

Comprising some of the most well-known parks in Africa, including the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Zanzibar, Tanzania is a major safari heavyweight. Tanzania is a strong candidate for our preferred location since every safari park there has unique charm.

Kenya Safaris.

Originally the birthplace of safari trips, Kenya is a varied location with rather excellent beaches and game. This is surely one of the best safari locations in Africa, home of the Maasai Mara and the breathtaking Laikipia Plateau.

Botswana Safari Vacations

Host some of the best private reserves in Africa, Botswana is most well-known for its unmatched degrees of exclusivity and pure beauty of the Okavango Delta. Many people believe it to be the very best safari location.

Sabi Sands Game Reserve Safaris

South Africa
With first-world cities, South Africa truly is the ideal place for a Big Five safari; it is also the perfect place for a first vacation to Africa.

Zambia Safari Vacations

Zambia provides great-value safari trips off-the-mainstream and is well-known for its very high standards of guiding and straightforward but very good-quality facilities. Rivals of Zimbabwe seek the title of “adventure capital” of Africa.

Zimbabwe Safari Vacations

Reputed for having some of the best guides in Africa, Zimbabwe is the location for a “activity-based” lifetime journey. Customers wishing to venture off the usual path and avoid the crowds will find this location appealing.

Namibia Safaris

Our safaris to Namibia are unlike wherever else we run; sand dunes as high as skyscrapers, desert-adapted animals, Africa’s most stunning scenery. Among the most unusual and beautiful tourism locations on Earth is this one.

Mauritius Tours

Mauritius, a land of the super-luxury resort, suits visitors wishing to unwind, indulge, and do little else! a world-class beach for honeymooners and families equally.

Seychelles Tours

The Seychelles comprise almost a hundred islands. Although this is a pricey location, this is one that would stake its claim as the best beach resort on Earth. Boasting some of the most exclusive islands anywhere in the world.

Best Africa Safari For Couples

Though not sure where to start, are you and your companion considering an African safari? View this quick guide outlining the top safaris suitable for couples. Contact us now if you have any questions or wish us to assist in creating the ideal package for you!

These are responses to the most often asked questions couples searching for a luxury African safari package ask. Contact us now to get started if you have any further questions or wish us to assist you design the African safari of your dreams.

  • What African safari is the best:
    The Okavango Delta and The Kruger National Park are the two most often visited African safaris for wildlife. While the Okavango is a remote unique location rich in wildlife on its many rivers and a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Kruger provides the greatest spectrum of luxury lodging and kinds of animals in Africa.
  • What is the best South African safari:
    Cape Town, Franschhoek, The Whale Coast, and The Kruger National Park taken together makes the ideal South African safari. This presents four-mini holidays all in one package and highlights the finest features of the nation.
  • How much does an African Safari cost:
    For a premium five-star safari, all-inclusive of meals and local beverages, you should normally budget $1,000 per person sharing everyday. Although the four-star luxury safari option runs daily between $500 and $650 per person, it may not include all meals and beverages etc. You will still have a five-star worthy experience by carefully choosing the correct four-star properties, though.
  • What is the best time of year to go on safari:
    From mid-August to October, during the colder months, is the finest time to visit The Kruger Park for safari in South Africa. Low rainfall causes less dense foliage, which creates the ideal environment for you and your partner to see game.
  • Are African safaris safe:
    Indeed, as long as you follow the guidelines your advisor offers for you. Incidents only happen when guests try to irritate the wild animals or forget about them and travel the automobiles.

Dream Come True: A Once-in-a-Lifetime African Honeymoon Safari in Kenya

Botswana | A Safari Honeymoon

Ready To Start Planning Your Safari
To help customize your trip from our top choices of the greatest African safaris for couples, contact one of our Africa Safari Experts:

Factors to Consider When Choosing African Safari For Couples

Look for businesses focused on honeymoon or couples’ travel. Look for those providing custom itinerary planning based on your particular preferences and individualized advice.

At camps exclusively for adults, top operators have developed relationships. Make sure they have knowledge and local contacts in the particular nations or places you want to visit.

Usually having years of expertise, quality operators know the need of offering 24/7 help in case of any travel disruptions or crises. Leading businesses like Kabira Safaris & Tours Africa Plus The Bespoke African Safari Co. stand out with first-rate service like prompt responses, careful trip planning, and surpassing expectations over your romantic adventure.

Tips for Choosing the Right African Safari For Couples for Your Budget

Share travel ideas with a specialist to design your perfect couples’ safari regardless of your budget. Negotiate housing to save more for unique wildlife encounters and activities for treasured safaris.

Pay attention to what you most want out of your trip, pick the season that best suits your interests, and—most importantly—turn away from electronics so you may more closely interact with one another. For further information about realizing your ideal romantic vacation, get in touch with Kabira Safaris & Tours Africa Plus The Bespoke African Safari Co.

Tips for Planning an Adult-Only African Safari

Organizing an African safari journey just for adults calls for thoughtful planning to maximize your alone time together. From looking over example itineraries to selecting your dream locations or aspects like seclusion, activities, pace, and exclusivity, we walk you through the main planning decisions.

  • Tell agents you are looking for adult-only housing.
  • Look for smaller, more personal lodging.
  • Look for special concessions apart from the throng.
  • schedule many nights for complete immersion.
  • Deal with travel experts who are aware of your particular needs

Adult-Only Safari Experiences for Couples

An adults-only safari provides unique experiences catered to couples for the perfect passionate trip. Reveal the top 10 romantic safari experiences as we indulge in seclusion, sensuality, and the extravagant pampering of a luxury trip against an untamed landscape teeming with life.

  • Hot Air Balloon Safari:
    After a champagne breakfast in the bush, enjoy a stunning sunrise hot air balloon trip across Serengeti National Park in Tanzania.
  • Bush Dinner:
    Under the stars surrounded by the African nature, have a romantic bush dinner made by your safari lodge.
  • Star bed sleepout:
    On a star bed, spend a night under the stars listening to the sounds of the surrounding wildlife and appreciating the closeness of sleeping outside in the African wilderness.
  • Private game drive:
    Set off a private game drive with a friend under the direction of knowledgeable guides and investigate the many species and ecosystems found in Africa’s national parks.
  • Sundowner cruise:
    On the Okavango Delta in Botswana, savor a romantic sunset cruise while drinking cocktails and spotting animals along the river.
  • Walking safari:
    Start a guided walking safari to let your friend and you completely enjoy the African wilderness’s sights, sounds, and fragrances.
  • Horseback safari:
    Horseback riding across the African wilderness will let you enjoy the freedom and intimacy to nature this special kind of travel provides.
  • Wellness retreat:
    During your African safari, indulge in a wellness retreat at a luxury safari lodge providing yoga sessions, spa treatments, and wellness seminars to help you and your spouse unwind and refresh.
  • Stargazing excursion:
    Under the large African sky, take part in a guided stargazing session learning about the constellations and savoring the calm beauty of the African night sky with your companion.
  • Helicopter safari to a secluded picnic spot:
    After a private meal at a remote location with breathtaking views and personal moments shared, enjoy an exciting helicopter safari over the African terrain.

Types of Romantic Accommodations for Couples on African Safari

Beyond opulent accommodation, look for uniqueness in ways only an African safari can provide. Discover celestial hideaways designed for two and bond among the sounds of unspoiled environment enhanced with expansive views. Find the most amazing kinds of lodging available on savannas, deltas, woods, deserts, beaches, mountains perfect for your couple’s African safari.

  • Treehouse accommodations:
    Either on a private verandah or in a lavish treehouse with billowing materials all around you, provide a special and private experience beneath the wide southern heavens.
  • Exclusive island stays:
    Either as the main focus of your trip or following a wildlife safari, spend a few nights on an exclusive or totally private island to unwind and rest on an unexpected river island or surrounded by the sea.
  • Mobile camps:
    Staying in a lovely mobile tent at night that moves with you, silently traverse the bush to game view on foot with your individual guide.
  • Luxury tented camps:
    Discover the romanticism of sleeping under canvas in sophisticated tented safari camps, which combine luxury with closeness.
  • Beach villas:
    Perfect for couples looking for a seaside retreat and also keen for access to wildlife, enjoy a beachside property with breathtaking ocean views and exclusive access to the beach.
  • Safari lodges:
    For a unique safari experience, stay in a sumptuous safari lodge with a classic African look and big suites, plunge pools, and Victorian bathtubs.
  • Wine estate stays:
    Treat yourself to a stay in a Cape Winelands vineyard, providing a romantic escape with some of Africa’s finest wines and stunning surrounds.

Most Luxurious Safari Lodges In Africa…

Exploring The Top Luxury Safari Lodges in Africa