Budget Gorilla Trekking Rwanda

Budget Gorilla Trekking Rwanda 

Budget Gorilla trekking Rwanda is the cheapest way of having a Gorilla trekking holiday in Rwanda. The Gorilla trekking permit of Rwanda costs US$ 1500 each for anyone who wants to trek Gorillas in Volcanoes National Park

The permit cost is fixed by the Rwanda Development Board and must be paid if a person is to trek the Mountain Gorillas and spend 1 hour in their presence. Compared to neighboring countries the cost is high.

4 Days Rwanda Gorilla safari tours

Rwanda Gorillas in Volcanoes

However, the Gorillas of Rwanda are easy to trek since they are known to move for a short range. The park is also the closest from an International Airport and therefore saves you about 8 hours’ drive in either Uganda or Congo. 

Whether it is a Short or Long Gorilla tour in Rwanda, it can be budget. To reduce the cost of a Gorilla tour in Rwanda one can choose to stay in budget accommodations, take short holiday trips and travel in the low season.

For Rwanda, when you book a Long tour including Gorilla trekking, you receive a discount for your trekking permit especially when you visit about 2 other national parks. Take advantage of all the factors that can reduce the cost of your trip. Budget travelers can contact us to help them with advice on the best way of having a budget Gorilla trekking safari.

Budget Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda Itineraries 

We know when there are discounts at the lodges and when best to travel budget. Here are our budget Gorilla tours in Rwanda for both Short and Long trips. Check out and choose a package or contact us for advice on how to have a budget Gorilla safari in Rwanda.

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