Best African Safari for Families With Kids & Guided Packages

Best African Safari for Families with Kids, First-timer’s Guide, Helpful Tips, Best Places to Stay, Family-Friendly Packages and Destinations.

Do you want to take your kids on a safari but have no idea what to expect? If you have any questions regarding taking your children on a safari, this page should address them all. Continue reading!

Many people think that safaris and family vacations aren’t a good match. It is not true, I assure you. In response to the numerous letters I receive from concerned parents seeking advice on how to plan a safari for their children, I felt compelled to pen this piece. Hopefully, this will put your mind at ease, answer some of your doubts, and most importantly, demonstrate that you can have a once-in-a-lifetime African safari adventure even with little children.

Taking children on a safari is completely out of our comfort zone. As a family, we love to travel, especially when we can bring the kids along. We hope that by sharing our adventures, we might encourage others to do the same.

Coincidentally, our first international journey with all three children was to South Africa. The twins’ first safari game drive was at the tender age of two. We have a 4-year-old. We took a lovely four-week road trip in Namibia a year and a half later, when our children were three, three, and five years old.

We went on as many game drives and sundowners as we could, took our own wildlife viewing excursions, visited waterholes to see animals, and had several magical safari moments with the kids.

African Safari for Families

A well-planned African family safari can provide unforgettable experiences for all members of the party. Family safaris in Africa provide a once-in-a-lifetime chance to introduce kids to cultures and societies that are vastly different from their own. This can have a lifelong impact on how they develop.

We seem to put children in hyper-protective boxes and try to insulate them from everything bad, so it’s reasonable that some families with children might avoid an African safari.

While it may be unsettling to think that your children will be in close proximity to wild creatures, rest assured that Kabira Safaris & Tours Africa adheres to the highest standards of safety while yet offering an unforgettable adventure and memory-making experience for your children.

African Safari With Kids!

African Safari Packages for Families

Why Safaris are a Great Choice for Families:
Modern families have a lot of vacation options, from the tried-and-true beach getaway at an all-inclusive resort to more adventurous options like safaris in Africa. Wild animals prowling the African bush, extreme adventure, and a plethora of activities to please every member of the family are all part of these adventures.

Common Misconceptions About Family Safaris:
Even though it may not be parents’ first choice, every family should think about going on an African safari because of all the benefits and experiences everyone gets.

The Benefits Of Family African Safaris For Family Bonding:
Safaris provide a wealth of healthful outdoor activities, are excellent places to learn, and bring families closer together in an environment free of electronics and Wi-Fi. You will have a greater sense of aliveness and connection as you create shared experiences away from technology and the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Why Africa Is The Ultimate Family Safari Destination:
Africa is unrivaled as a location for a memorable family vacation. Preserved jungles are home to rare primates like gorillas and chimpanzees, while pristine reefs are teeming with marine life. Elephants saunter across the grassy plains.

Compared to what you’d get in a school, this is far superior to any nature channel program. Seeing your child’s first encounter of a lion or an elephant in the flesh is an unforgettable experience that neither of you will soon forget.

The Joy Of Discovery: Game Drives And Animal Tracking:
During a safari vacation with the family, nothing beats yelling, “I see something!” when out on a game drive. The sight of even a single active dung beetle is an impressive sight.

To keep your children entertained, each game disk includes a map of potential wild species. They will love studying the maps and then tracing the trails of the animals. By the end of the day, kids will enjoy checking off their sightings as they mentally try to put together what they have experienced so they can share it with their friends back home.

To aid other visitors in their search for the elusive leopard or that hyena that appears at dawn at the game park entrance, they can even walk to the sighting board and place a pin there.

Kabira Safaris & Tours Africa exclusively recommends reputable tour operators since we care about the well-being of your family and always put their needs before our own.

Victoria Falls

1. Victoria Falls Family Safari – Zimbabwe or Zambia

Being both one of the biggest and most breathtaking waterfalls in the world, Victoria Falls is a must-visit for any traveler to Africa. This safari is ideal for families because there are activities for all ages in the region. Travelers can reach the Victoria Falls waterfall from two different countries: Zimbabwe and Zambia.

4 Days Victoria Falls Tour:
This fantastic 4-day Victoria Falls Tours can be customized to include either a stay in Zimbabwe or Zambia, so families with children of various ages can enjoy the experience. We break it down for you in our Victoria Falls guide.

This family-friendly Victoria Falls Tour encompasses three nights of lodging and activities, such as a sunset cruise on the Zambezi River, a tour of a cultural village, a fifteen-minute helicopter ride over the falls, and a safari in Chobe National Park. A half-day canoe trip on the Upper Zambezi is also part of it, albeit canoeing requires a minimum age of 10 years old.

Cape Town Family Safari

2. Cape Town Family Safari – South Africa

In Cape Town, South Africa, you may find a wide variety of safari packages perfect for families. Just outside of town, you’ll find some wildlife safari options that are perfect for families and don’t risk malaria. They provide a variety of activities to keep your small ones occupied and are the ideal complement to a family stay in Cape Town.

Within the 58,000-hectare Sanbona Wildlife Reserve, you can see the Big Five (leopards, rhinos, elephants, buffalos, and lions) as well as a wide variety of birds, small animals, and wildflowers.

A safari in Sanbona, South Africa, is perfect for the whole family. In the “Kids on Safari” program, children get an explorer kit and participate in a variety of exciting activities, such as treasure hunts, short bush excursions throughout the day and evening, tours of interesting rock art, bug capturing, and “frogging” adventures at night. A variety of novels, puzzles, board games, and interactive activity books are available at the family-friendly lodge, in addition to instructive DVDs. Additional pricing options include child minding services.

Aquila Game Reserve

3. Big 5 Cape Town Safari to Aquila Game Reserve

Near Cape Town lies the 10,000-hectare conservancy known as Aquila Private Game Reserve. In addition to the Big Five (elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino, and leopard), the area is teeming with a wide variety of birds, animals, and spectacular Karoo scenery.

Adventurers of all ages are invited to Aquila, another popular South African safari location. For kids between the ages of four and twelve, the Junior Ranger Programme is a fantastic opportunity. Through this instructional program, students are able to gain knowledge about fascinating species, follow the trails left by these creatures, and uncover the mysteries of the Karoo environment.

Aquila is one of few reserves that allows children to accompany their parents on game drives, even though many others have an age limit. Guests of all ages are welcome at this lodge, which features an indoor and outdoor Kids Adventure Zone. Here your kids can play on the mini golf course, construct sandcastles, swing on the jungle gym, challenge you to a game of huge chess, or relax with some electronic games. At dusk, the whole family may enjoy a marshmallow braai (barbecue) while stargazing at the constellations in the starry Karoo sky. Additional pricing options include child minding services.

You may also find safaris to malaria-free Big 5 wildlife parks close to Cape Town that are perfect for families.

Garden Route Family Safari

4. Garden Route Family Safari – South Africa

With its stunning beaches, bays, lakes, mountains, and native forests, the Garden Route is a really picturesque section of southern Africa. For a comprehensive overview, check out our Garden Route travel guide.

The starting point for these Garden Route tours is Cape Town, located in South Africa.

The scenic mountain landscape and wineries of the Robertson Valley are the backdrop for this family adventure. After that, we’ll head to Oudtshoorn to see the Cango Caves and get some ostrich history. On your way to the charming seaside resort of Knysna, you’ll experience the exhilarating Swartberg Pass climb, passing through stunning landscapes and even more picturesque mountain passes. Before heading back to Cape resort, stop for a safari in the private Botlierskop Game Reserve.

On this 4-day Garden Route Tour, you’ll spend two nights in Knysna and explore Tsitsikamma National Park’s indigenous woods and Natures Valley. If you’re interested, you may also visit Monkeyland Primate Sanctuary and Tenikwa Wildlife & Rehabilitation Centre. Join us on this family safari with children of all ages who are accompanied by an adult. Kids should be in good physical condition because the Garden Route trips spend a lot of time in the car.

Aquila Game Reserve

5. Addo Elephant Park Safari & Gqeberha – Eastern Cape, South Africa

Gqeberha, formerly known as Port Elizabeth, is a coastal city in South Africa that features golden beaches embraced by the balmy Indian Ocean. Traveling inland, the scenery changes into a varied wonderland with the craggy Zuurberg mountains towering magnificently above pockets of dense bushveld and expansive grasslands. These areas are home to game reserves like Addo Elephant National Park.

Full-Day Addo Elephant Park Safari – South Africa:
This full-day family safari is an unforgettable wildlife trip for kids aged 5 and up, where you’ll get up close and personal with some of Africa’s most famous land and sea creatures.

Starting with a boat ride in Algoa Bay (weather permitting), this family-friendly tour continues to the marine area of Addo Elephant National Park, where you have the opportunity to see seals, whales, sharks, big pods of dolphins, and the enormous penguin colony of St. Croix Island. Southern right whales and humpback whales are frequently seen here during whale watching season (June to November)! A guided game drive across the park’s interior awaits after this aquatic adventure. While on the game drive, keep an eye out for the Big Five: elephant, lion, buffalo, rhino, and leopard. You’ll also see plenty of other birds and species native to Africa. Addo, with its nearly 700 resident elephants, is a top spot in Africa for seeing these majestic creatures in their natural habitat.

Addo Park And Kariega Big 5 Safari:
This Big 5 safari, which departs and arrives in Gqeberha (Port Elizabeth), Eastern Cape, is cheap and malaria-free. It visits Kariega Private Game Reserve and Addo Elephant Park.

Addo Elephant National Park is a prominent Big 5 safari park in South Africa that does not have malaria, therefore spend the first two nights there. While on tour, stop at the rest camp to unwind in the pool, browse the gift shop, dine at the restaurant, and see wildlife long after the sun goes down at the floodlit waterhole. A bird hide and an underground wildlife hide are also available at the waterhole. The SANParks open-sided game watching vehicles offer the option of night drives, but there is a minimum age restriction of 7 years.

Kariega Game Reserve, close to Kenton-on-Sea, some 1.5 hours’ drive away, is where we’ll be spending the following two nights. It is not uncommon to come face to face with lions, elephants, buffalo, and rhinoceros in this area. There is a special “Kids on Safari” program at the Main Lodge of Kariega Game Reserve that provides a variety of fun activities for children. The lodge’s enthusiastic and well-informed staff takes kids on nature walks where they may learn about the local flora, fauna, and geology. Additionally, they will have the opportunity to craft unique keepsakes by molding animal tracks and “Bushman paintings.” There is something for kids of all ages in the playroom’s extensive toy, book, and animal DVD collection. The guided bush walk is open to children aged 16 and above, accompanied by knowledgeable rangers. Additional pricing options include child minding services.

Pilanesberg National Park

6. Pilanesberg Safari & Johannesburg – South Africa

Pilanesberg is one of the top South African safari locations, and it’s home to the Big Five—all within less than three hours’ drive from Johannesburg.

Pilanesberg Safari Day Tour in South Africa:
With an area of about 55,000 ha (135,908 acres), Pilanesberg National Park ranks as the fourth biggest wildlife park in South Africa. In addition to being one of the most conveniently located safari parks in the nation, it is also one of the top Big Five game reserves close to Johannesburg. The peculiar geology of this malaria-free game reserve is a result of its location in an extinct volcano. Stay at Bakubung Bush Lodge, which welcomes children of all ages, or go on a safari game drive for the day.

Pilanesberg Safari in South Africa – Bakubung Lodge:
You may relax at Bakubung Bush Lodge and look out over a huge waterhole, where you can see the local hippos wallowing and other wildlife coming down to drink. A bush braai (barbeque) is held every Wednesday and Saturday night at the resort, and wildlife drives are available every day. There are volleyball and tennis courts, a playground, and some board games for the kids. Over the course of a week, kids participate in a variety of activities designed to teach them about the outdoors as part of the Junior Ranger program. Children receive a certificate during a graduation ceremony that takes place at the conclusion of the week. It is also possible to complete the program daily independently. Additional pricing options include child minding services.

Pilanesberg Safari to Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge:
Enjoy three nights at the luxurious Kwa Maritane Bush Lodge on this Pilanesberg safari, which includes convenient hotel pickup and drop-off options in Johannesburg. In addition to a trampoline-equipped playground, the lodge offers guided bush hikes and wildlife tracking lessons taught by knowledgeable rangers, perfect for young ecotourists. Two swimming pools (one small enough for toddlers), mini-golf, tennis courts for family friendly matches, a hidden hideout where guests may watch animals at the lodge’s waterhole from a different angle, and a variety of board games for quiet nights in are all available. Plus, every day for a week, kids between the ages of 6 and 12 participate in a new and engaging Junior Ranger program activity that teaches them something new about the outdoors. Children receive a certificate during a graduation ceremony that takes place at the conclusion of the week. It is also possible to complete the program daily independently. Additional pricing options include child minding services.

Kruger National Park Family safari

7. Kruger National Park – Family Safari South Africa

South Africa’s most famous and expansive wildlife reserve is Kruger National Park. It boasts numerous rest camps with amenities to meet the needs of any family and a vast array of habitats. For additional information, check out our detailed safari guide to Kruger National Park.

Kruger Park Lodge Safari to Timbavati:
The famous Timbavati Private Game Reserve, which shares unfenced borders with Kruger National Park, is where this Kruger National Park safari stays for two nights. Legend has it that Timbavati is home to the white lions of Timbavati, or pale lions. Today, the park is home to a strong pride of these one-of-a-kind animals, which are thought to be the progenitors of all white lions on Earth. Game drives in Kruger National Park proper and Timbavati are both part of the itinerary. Bring the kids to the lodge during the hot summer days so they can cool off in the pool, find a cool location to rest in the shade, or play on the upper deck while watching animals come and go from the watering hole. Get back out into the wildlife-rich wilderness after high tea at the lodge. Kids of all ages are invited.

Kruger Safari in South Africa -Thornybush Nature Reserve:
This affordable Kruger National Park Lodge safari is perfect for families with children of any age. In the Greater Kruger Park area, there is a private nature reserve that borders the 400 hectares of superb bushveld known as Thornybush Nature Reserve. Spend two nights at a safari lodge there.

After a day of game drives in the reserve, return to camp for some downtime and take in the sights from the lodge’s observation decks as wildlife swarm the watering hole. In the outside boma area, guests can enjoy refreshments while gazing up at the African sky, while the pool is a great way to cool off. The garden is verdant and wonderful for exploring. In Kruger National Park, you can spend a day looking for animals.

Namibia Family Safari

8. Namibia Family Safari

Wide wide spaces and the world’s oldest desert characterize Namibia. The vast variety of animals that call this desert home is a direct result of the extreme conditions here. Among Africa’s most expansive national parks, the fascinating Etosha stands out. Our full travel guide to Namibia has more information.

3 Days Etosha Namibia Safari:
Children five and above are welcome on this camping excursion that begins in Swakopmund and ends in Windhoek. As this is a fully immersive camping safari in Namibia, each participant is expected to pitch their own tent, set up their own cooking equipment, and clean up after themselves.

The northern Namibian park known as Etosha covers an area of more than 22,000 km² (8,494 mi²). In the middle of it all is Etosha Pan, a huge salt pan bordered by sparse bush that is home to an astonishing variety of animals. Enjoy two nights of camping at the Okaukuejo Rest Camp, complete with a pool, store, and restaurant. During the day and night, you may observe wildlife at the camp’s floodlit waterhole. In Etosha National Park, you may go on a full-day game drive safari and see giraffes, elephants, rhinos, and lions, among many other animals. After that, make your way back to camp for some spectacular stargazing nights spent together around the campfire.

Kenya family safari

9. Kenya Family Safari

With its intriguing culture and some of the most well-known “Out of Africa” safari locations, Kenya is the perfect place for a family safari. You can even learn about the traditional Maasai way of life by visiting their communities. Wildebeest, zebras, giraffes, and the Big Five (rhinoceros, elephants, leopards, and Cape buffalo) are just a few of the species that make the Masai Mara famous across the world. Kids of all ages will be enchanted by the sight of these creatures in their own environment. Explore Kenya with the help of our detailed travel guide.

Masai Mara Kenya Safari:
Any child, accompanied by an adult, can join this thrilling 4-day camping safari excursion that begins and ends in Nairobi. En route to the world-famous Masai Mara Reserve in Kenya, you’ll pass through the breathtaking Great Rift Valley. For three nights, you’ll stay in a tented camp beside the Oloirigynyisho River, a watering hole frequented by elephants, zebras, and wildebeest. A swimming pool is available at the camp for those hot days in between wildlife drives. For an additional fee and with advance booking, we can arrange cultural tours so your children may learn about Masai culture and even take them on an epic balloon ride over the Masai Mara.

Kenya Wildlife Safari:
This small group vacation, which begins and ends in Nairobi, is perfect for families with children of all ages. There will be no more than six persons in the group. The Masai Mara, Samburu National Park, Lake Nakuru, Amboseli, and Tsavo West are just a few of the world-renowned game parks that will be explored on this comprehensive Kenya wildlife safari.

Experience breathtaking vistas of Africa’s Great Rift Valley, expansive savannah plains, and the continent’s highest peak, Kilimanjaro, as you journey around the continent. Aside from the Masai Mara, one of the best parts of Tsavo West National Park is the underwater viewing chamber, where visitors can see hippos swimming just below the water’s surface. In Amboseli Park, close to the Tanzanian border, you can stay in a traditional tented safari camp with breathtaking views of Mount Kilimanjaro. Come see the chimpanzees at Sweetwater’s Game Ranch, a sanctuary for rehabilitating primates located close to Mount Kenya. There are fascinating indigenous peoples in the Samburu area as well. Visit Lake Nakuru for an opportunity to observe flamingos, various birds, and one of the country’s greatest populations of white and black rhinos.

Tanzania: A Grand Family Safari

10. Tanzania Family Safari

Adventures that the whole family may enjoy abound in Tanzania. In particular, the “northern safari circuit,” which encompasses the world-famous Serengeti plains and the intriguing Ngorongoro Crater, is home to some of the most iconic safari locations in Africa. Exotic Zanzibar Island, situated on the warm shores of the Indian Ocean, is the ideal location for a tropical beach vacation. Get a better feel for this intriguing nation by perusing our Tanzania travel guide.

Private Tanzania Safari – Lodge & Camping Tour:
Visit Arusha, the starting and finishing point of the Northern Safari Circuit in Tanzania, for all of your safari needs. You will travel in small groups of no more than six individuals and have the opportunity to stay in both private tented camps and carefully chosen safari lodges. We do not advise taking children less than six on this trip because of the potential length of the travel days.

During this once-in-a-lifetime family vacation, you and your loved ones will visit four of Tanzania’s top safari parks in the north for an unforgettable wildlife viewing experience. Tarangire National Park is a great spot to observe elephants in their natural habitat, so spend the first two nights there. Staying in tented rooms at a cozy safari lodge perched on the edge of the Great Rift Valley, offering breathtaking views of Lake Manyara and the valley floor below, is how you’ll spend the third night. Shallow and somewhat alkaline, Lake Manyara is located in the Great Rift Valley and is home to massive flamingo and duck flocks during certain times of the year. The private Tanzania safari’s crown jewel, Serengeti National Park, will be our next stop. Named after the Maasai phrase for seemingly unending grasslands, the Serengeti is a haven for Africa’s big cats, particularly cheetahs, and a fitting tribute to the region’s natural beauty. During your two nights in a private Serengeti camp, you and your expert guide will have the opportunity to explore prime wildlife viewing locations, stop at photogenic vantage points, and take in breathtaking vistas teeming with exotic creatures. Finally, you’ll reach Ngorongoro Crater, often called the Eden of Africa, on your expedition. Drive to the rim of the crater to be greeted by the breathtaking vista of the enormous caldera below, and spend your last night at a coffee plantation nearby. End your safari with a game drive into the crater, which is teeming with wildlife including leopards, lions, elephants, rhinos, and buffalo.

Zanzibar Family Holiday

11. Zanzibar Family Holiday

Spend some quality time at the beach as a family after a thrilling safari, or just to get away from it all (and the cold)! One of the most reasonably priced ways to see this authentic tropical paradise is with this short Zanzibar Beach Resort Package. Explore Zanzibar Island with the help of our detailed guide.

There is an abundance of family-friendly activities in Zanzibar! The resort has stunning beaches, a variety of land and water sports, and excellent dining options. The Jozani Forest, home to the jovial red colobus monkeys, and the Zanzibar Butterfly Centre are two exciting day trips that kids can’t wait to experience. Gigantabra tortoises call historic Changu Island home, and snorkelers can see a plethora of tropical fish in Zanzibar’s pristine marine environment. Other activities that children might enjoy include tours of spice farms, sailings in traditional wooden dhows, and, at low tide, a fascinating reef walk where they can see marine life that has been concealed by the receding water. In addition, there is a huge swimming pool at the resort that is conveniently located near the beach for those times when you need to chill down.

Botswana Family Safari

12. Okavango Delta – Botswana Family Safari

For a really unforgettable safari experience, travel no farther than Botswana’s Okavango Delta. Since there is no way for this river delta to reach the ocean, it flows out into the expansive Kalahari desert. Because of the reliable water supply all year round, it is a safari hotspot that attracts all kinds of animals. Check out our detailed guide to the Okavango Delta for additional information.

Okavango Delta Mokoro Safari:
The journey starts and finishes in Maun, Botswana, and it takes a light aircraft back from a road trip into the picture-perfect Okavango Delta. Set on a wooded island with views of the flood plains of the Okavango Delta, the family-friendly Xaoo Safari Camp is where you’ll spend the first two nights of your safari. You get to discover more of this interesting region every day as you go on morning and afternoon activities like a walking safari, a 4×4 game drive, a cultural village visit, or a mokoro ride in traditional-style boats.

Next, take a helicopter ride above Moremi Game Reserve to reach the Khwai River’s northern floodplains, a haven for a diverse array of animals. Camp Khwai is a tented camp that overlooks the floodplain of the Khwai River, and it is here that we will spend the next two nights. Wildlife enthusiasts will love the Khwai River Area since it is a magnet for elephants, antelopes, and predators. There are no age limits for the 5-person family tent, but you will need to reserve a private vehicle if you want to go on any kind of adventure. A tiny plane will take you back to Maun, and on the way there, you’ll get to see the amazing Okavango Delta from above.

What Type of Family African Safari is Best for Children

The first step in planning a family safari should be deciding which type of safari would be most enjoyable for your kids. Would you rather see the stunning beaches of Africa or its breathtaking national parks? Or maybe you would like a combination of the two!

Would you recommend a group safari where other kids might be present or a private safari where they could play alone? You should think about a lot of things before you jump.

The Beach Experience:
Beaches are loved by all kids. There is a wide range of destinations that children can enjoy, from the tropical coast of Zanzibar to the penguin-dotted Boulders beach in Cape Town, South Africa. Envision a carefree afternoon in a hammock, building sandcastles, and snorkeling in azure seas. In this sense, Kabira Safaris & Tours Africa is a “beach vacation” specialist.

Luxury And Local Flavors At Beach Lodges:
Resorts on the beach can provide an opulent setting in a secluded area, making guests feel as though they have their very own private beach.

In Mozambique or along the coast of Kenya, you are invited to enjoy chef-prepared fish that has been caught locally, and to complete the classic beach experience, drink coconut water straight from the coconut. Unspoiled reefs are perfect for snorkeling, and private fishing trips and scuba diving lessons are also available. Not to mention the much-needed cocktails for the parents, which we haven’t forgotten about.

Timing Your Safari: Why Seasons Matter:
An integral part of any wilderness adventure is deciding when to go. After the recent rains, the Mara plains look like a verdant meadow teeming with young, shaky legs and predators lurking in the shadows, waiting for a mother calf to stray from her protecting glare. This time of year is perfect for a safari because of the abundance of lions.

The Camps and Lodges

Tented camps in the Mara are a popular choice for families since they offer a variety of activities that make for a memorable safari in Africa.

Family-Friendly Guides And Activities:
As parents themselves, many of the guides are more than happy to host families and provide the same level of care for your children as they would for their own. Enjoy a variety of kid-friendly activities at the lodges, such as archery with the Maasai, building a bonfire with sticks and elephant dung, and instructive bush walks around the camp.

Camp Safety And Entertainment:
A lot of camps have been built with the idea of keeping kids safe and entertained at the same time as providing parents with plenty of opportunities to watch the games and, sometimes, some much-needed alone time.

Kabira Tours & Safaris Africa takes great pains to cultivate partnerships with the most knowledgeable locals, who are well-versed in how to ensure that families on safari have an unforgettable experience.

Kids would prefer to run around the surrounding forest and poke at anthills than sit in a game drive vehicle for long periods of time, and these lodges get that.

Kid-Friendly Lodges And Activities For Family Safaris:
We have lodges that are as kid-friendly as it can get with a river rope swing, raft paddling around a safe pool, boating and fishing in the river, as well as a number of other things to keep the kids occupied. Laikipia safari holidays in Kenya is a solid favourite for daring family safaris.

Exploring The Top 10 Luxury Safari Lodges in Africa

Top 5 Most Luxurious Safari Lodges In South Africa

Tips For Planning a Family Safari in Africa

Everyone in the family can enjoy a family safari because it is an unforgettable experience that doesn’t get old fast. But how can you organize a safari that everyone will talk about? Here are some recommendations to help you design the perfect family safari.

Tailoring Your Safari To Your Child’s Age:
Everyone will benefit in the end if you plan your safari according to your child’s age. Make every effort to accommodate your toddler’s schedule when planning the safari. Plan breakfast and morning game drives before everyone gets too hungry and grumpy, and eat before the kids get in the bath.

Game drives can also be planned with shorter attention spans in mind, allowing for plenty of opportunities to stretch and explore nearby trees while ground squirrels keep an eye out.

Involving School-Aged Children In Planning:
Planning the trip yourself (under adult supervision, of course) could be a fun and rewarding experience for school-aged youngsters. For children aged five and up, our secret is to give them the impression that they had a hand in creating the adventure.

Involving children in the planning process can be as simple as showing them images of the lodge possibilities and going over the maps and cottages together in advance.

Engaging Teenagers In The Safari Experience:
An even more engaging way for teenagers to get involved is to help arrange a day or two of the itinerary. This is sure to win them over. Some examples of this include tailoring a game drive to their interests in terms of activities, animals, or even routes.

They will have a more meaningful experience on the trip and will gain valuable insight into the decision-making and planning processes if you involve them to this extent.

Navigating ‘Voluntourism’ Options:
Families with older children can take advantage of “voluntourism” opportunities in some locations. We urge you to exercise tremendous caution with these, since many are taking advantage of them instead of genuinely helping. Unfortunately, there are groups that use the animals they profess to be assisting for their own profit. In any case, we’re collaborating with several great African communities, including Namibia, whose mission is to safeguard the Damaraland desert elephant population.

Alternative Activities For Conservation Enthusiasts:
If you’re the kind of traveler who wants to get their hands dirty while on safari, we recommend adding a training program like EcoQuest to your itinerary. This will teach you the fundamentals of conservation and more.