Exclusive Private & Best Small Group African Safaris

For more than ten years, Kabira Safaris & Tours Africa Plus The Bespoke African Safari Co. has been well-known for its ability to create personalized travel plans that meet the demands of each client. We have always been dedicated to giving our clients memorable experiences and excellent service, and we are thrilled to announce that our exclusive group tours offer the same genuine adventures. These planned trips are perfect for those who prefer the ease of traveling with a small group of people who share their interests, or for anyone seeking exceptional value.

We offer small-group safaris across Africa, taking you to South Africa, Victoria Falls, Tanzania, and Kenya, among other destinations. Experience exciting wildlife encounters and cultural discoveries as you explore dynamic towns, world-renowned national parks, and private game reserves. Travel with other like-minded individuals on prearranged trips and save money. When there are at least four people on board, we can guarantee a departure. Get in quick because we are limited on space.

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda’s – Volcanoes National Park

Best Small Group African Safaris

You might find that a safari is the most social holiday you’ve ever been on! Why not gather a small group of friends and family or sign up with an established tour company to go on an African adventure?

Throughout Africa, we offer a variety of group vacation safaris, including:

  • Small Private Group Safari

These safaris are perfect for small groups of friends or family who want to enjoy a safari experience together. The typical range for group sizes is three to eight people.

We often have some of the most reasonably priced small group holidays available. In certain regions of Africa, safari travel may be rather cost-effective if your group is small enough to fit into a single vehicle. This is because the cost of the vehicle and guide is divided between the participants in your group. Some of the top places to travel on a group safari are the Serengeti and Ngorongoro in northern Tanzania, the Okavango, Chobe, and Savute in Botswana, the entirety of Namibia, and a large portion of South Africa.

  • Pre-arranged Top-guide Safari:

In this safari style, you and other tourists go on a prearranged safari with a famous guide. Individuals, couples, and groups of any size can participate in the experience.

There are a number of reputable firms and guides in Africa that provide public departures on predetermined dates. If you’re traveling alone or in a small group and are looking for a more social safari experience, this is a fantastic option because you’ll be traveling with the same people the whole time. Rather from paying exorbitant rates to have a private guide show you around Africa, many travelers opt for these safaris, which are popular all throughout the continent.

  • Privately Guided, Private Group Safaris:

There is often a maximum group size of three on these private safaris, and the guide stays with the party the whole time.

This is the best kind of group holiday for parties who want to hire a private guide, whether it’s because they want someone to oversee their whole trip in Africa or because they’d like to divide up the expense of a great guide amongst themselves. Sharing the expense of a private guide is a lot more cost-effective than paying several thousand dollars per day for a guide in Africa.

  • Private Lodge Safari:

The last choice for groups is to rent out a whole lodge for your whole stay.

The little size of our camps is unknown to many tourists. You can take over a whole house with some of them, even if they only have three rooms. Because it guarantees the highest degrees of seclusion and solitude, it is perfect for big parties or families. If you’re interested in this, why not check out our top ten list of exclusive-use properties? We believe that there is no better way to travel in a large group when you have access to a variety of first-rate amenities and a staff of cooks, private guides, and housekeepers.

Recommended Small Group African Safari Destinations

Tanzania Safaris

Comprising some of the most well-known parks in Africa, including the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and Zanzibar, Tanzania is a major safari heavyweight. Tanzania is a strong candidate for our preferred location since every safari park there has unique charm.

Kenya Safaris.

Originally the birthplace of safari trips, Kenya is a varied location with rather excellent beaches and game. This is surely one of the best safari locations in Africa, home of the Maasai Mara and the breathtaking Laikipia Plateau.

Botswana Safari Vacations

Host some of the best private reserves in Africa, Botswana is most well-known for its unmatched degrees of exclusivity and pure beauty of the Okavango Delta. Many people believe it to be the very best safari location.

Sabi Sands Game Reserve Safaris

South Africa
With first-world cities, South Africa truly is the ideal place for a Big Five safari; it is also the perfect place for a first vacation to Africa.

Zambia Safari Vacations

Zambia provides great-value safari trips off-the-mainstream and is well-known for its very high standards of guiding and straightforward but very good-quality facilities. Rivals of Zimbabwe seek the title of “adventure capital” of Africa.

Zimbabwe Safari Vacations

Reputed for having some of the best guides in Africa, Zimbabwe is the location for a “activity-based” lifetime journey. Customers wishing to venture off the usual path and avoid the crowds will find this location appealing.

Namibia Safaris

Our safaris to Namibia are unlike wherever else we run; sand dunes as high as skyscrapers, desert-adapted animals, Africa’s most stunning scenery. Among the most unusual and beautiful tourism locations on Earth is this one.

Mauritius Tours

Mauritius, a land of the super-luxury resort, suits visitors wishing to unwind, indulge, and do little else! a world-class beach for honeymooners and families equally.

Seychelles Tours

The Seychelles comprise almost a hundred islands. Although this is a pricey location, this is one that would stake its claim as the best beach resort on Earth. Boasting some of the most exclusive islands anywhere in the world.