Astonishing 9 Days Congo Brazzaville Tour Itinerary

Those in quest of Africa’s few remaining wild places will love our 9-day Congo Brazzaville Tour. Without a doubt, this 9-day Congo-Brazzaville tour is tailor-made for you. On this continent, you won’t find a wider variety of exotic and endangered animals than here.

Join us on our 9-day Congo Brazzaville tour and discover some of Africa’s most remote and unspoiled regions with the help of our knowledgeable tour guides. An unforgettable adventure awaits you at Odzala-Kokoua Parc National, home to a plethora of little mammals, forest elephants, and rare primates.

Journey into the Congo: an Exploration of Odzala

9 Days Congo Brazzaville Tour Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival for Congo Brazzaville Tour

Our bilingual guide will be there to greet you and drive you to your lodging in Brazzaville. You will be briefed on the remaining days of your 9-day Congo Brazzaville tour when you check in upon arrival. You are free to do as you like the remainder of the day, whether that’s relaxing, taking a city tour, visiting les Rapides, or meeting the Sapeurs. Make your own decision.

Accommodation: Radisson Blu Brazzaville

Day 2: Charter flight to Odzala-Kokoua National Park

Your journey into the heart of the Congolese rainforest will begin today with a trip to Brazzaville Airport. A chance to get up close and personal with the second-largest rainforest on Earth—the Congo Basin—in Africa, a biological location of worldwide significance.

Here, guests can go on guided forest excursions and maybe even spot some wildlife, such as bongos, sitatungas, pangolins, forest buffalo, and elephants.

Accommodation: Ngaga Camp

Day 3-4: Western Gorilla Trekking

Odzala-Kokoua National Park – Congo-Brazzaville

The highlight of any safari to Africa has to be gorilla trekking. Such is the case on this 9-day Congo Brazzaville Tour. You will have the opportunity to walk with families of western gorillas over these two days of trekking, in addition to guided walks and Stay at the stunning, opulent Ngaga Camp and experience warm, genuine hospitality while mingling with local Pygmy families and learning about their distinctive culture.

Accommodation: Ngaga Camp in Odzala-Kokoua National Park

Day 5: To Lango Camp

Lango Camp offers a one-of-a-kind rainforest experience in the Republic of the Congo’s Odzala-Kokoua National Park, which is located in the park’s South Central part. With the use of locally sourced materials like banana fibers and architectural inspiration from the local Pygmy culture, the lodge was built to seamlessly integrate with its natural surroundings, ensuring little environmental effect.

Immersed in a verdant forest, each accommodation offers a breathtaking view of Lango Bai through a panoramic walkway. As they stroll about, visitors have a good chance of spotting leopards, buffalo, and elephants that come to the watering hole to drink.

Accommodation: Lango Camp

Day 6: Lango Camp

From pangolins to bongos, today we will be following some of the rarest species found here.

Day 7: Mboko Camp

Depending on your preference, today you will be transferred to a different scenic area of the park where game drives are available for exploration.

Accommodation: Mboko Camp

Day 8: Mboko Camp

Guests will get the opportunity to witness a variety of creatures, including the forest elephants, which are in risk of extinction, during today’s water safari. Guests will enjoy a relaxing boat ride on Odzala’s smaller rivers as they explore the park.

Day 9: Brazzaville

Upon reaching Mboko Airstrip on the final day of your 9-day Congo Brazaville tour, you will board a light aircraft that will take you to Brazzaville, where you may board your flight back home.

End of the 9 Days Congo Brazzaville Tour Itinerary