A Guided East Africa Migration Safari Itinerary

This East Africa Migration Safari, the big game safari will be the trip of a lifetime, taking you 13 days through some of the most renowned and fruitful reserves in Tanzania and Kenya. Visit the savannah grasslands of Serengeti National Park, the must-see Masai Mara National Reserve, and the wildlife-packed Ngorongoro Crater to search for the Big Five and other savannah creatures.

The tranquil Ololo Safari Lodge, located on the outskirts of Nairobi, is an ideal starting point for your adventure. Relax in style while getting ready for the exciting adventures that await you at the adjacent Nairobi National Park.

After that, spend three nights at the eco-friendly Porini Lion Camp in the middle of the Maasai Mara. This camp is perfect for anyone seeking a true wilderness experience and great game viewing. On your daily game drives and guided walks through the Mara, you will have the opportunity to see the magnificent animals, including the regal lions.

After witnessing the Serengeti Great Migration, your safari journey continues at Olakira Migration Camp. Experience the most famous animal show on Earth from the comfort of this mobile camp. Relax in the plush tent while taking in the sights and sounds of the Serengeti as you follow the herds.

Gibbs Farm, a picturesque and ancient plantation in the Ngorongoro Highlands, is the perfect place to end your remarkable tour. Unwind in a peaceful environment, wander through verdant gardens, and get up close and personal with amazing animals at nearby Ngorongoro Crater. This East Africa Migration Safari tour will take your breath away with its variety and depth of experience.

The Great Migration – Wildebeest Migration from the Serengeti to the Masai Mara, Crossing Mara River

Detailed Itinerary: East Africa Migration Safari

Days 1- 3: Touchdown In Nairobi | 3 Nights

While Nairobi is a vibrant, busy, and exciting city, the route to Ololo, a picturesque safari resort on a working farm, quickly leads you into the tree-lined streets of Karen, a wealthy neighborhood in the city. You are right in the middle of the magnificent Kenyan wildlife at your doorstep at your hotel, which is situated on the banks of the beautiful Mbagathi River and borders Nairobi National Park.

Before your safari journey starts, Ololo is the ideal way to welcome yourself to Africa. Before boarding the plane to your next location, why not unwind with a massage or a peaceful stroll around Ololo’s farm? This is your chance to relax and rejuvenate before venturing into the heart of the wild environment.

Days 4 – 6: Safari In The Masai Mara | 3 Nights

Is a Masai Mara Safari Worth the Hype? (Honest Opinion)

Upon completion of breakfast, you will be escorted to Wilson Airport, the departure point for flights to the renowned Masai Mara National Reserve. You will be taken to Porini Lion Camp for lunch and afternoon tea once you arrive. Enjoy a sundowner drink and a spot-lit night drive following a late afternoon nature walk or wildlife drive; then, head back to Porini Lion Camp for dinner.

In the days that follow, you’ll go on thrilling game drives across the Mara’s undulating savannahs, looking for the annual Wildebeest Migration (which occurs between August and November) or the abundant resident game (which is there throughout the year). After a picnic in a beautiful location, head back to camp for some nights spent gathered around the fire.

Days 7 – 9: Discover The Serengeti | 3 Nights

Crazy Great Migration Mara River Crossing in Serengeti – Tanzania Safari

Once you touch down at Kogatende Airstrip, your exciting Serengeti adventure will officially begin as you make your way to Olakira Migration Camp. As it travels through the Serengeti-Mara habitat, the Olakira provides cozy lodging beneath the canvas and moves around on a regular basis to follow the Great Wildebeest Migration.

Amazing river crossings, calving, and rutting are all parts of the yearly cycle that you can see depending on the time of year. You may witness apex predators like lions, leopards, cheetahs, and hyenas, as well as a plethora of other animals, all year round, thanks to the excellent game viewing opportunities.

Days 10 -12: Explore Ngorongoro Crater | 3 Nights

Your last stop in Tanzania will be at Gibb’s Farm, but before you go, you must see the Ngorongoro Crater, one of the most impressive natural features in Africa. Situated on the hills of the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, this welcoming working farm is an ideal jumping-off point for explorations of the Ngorongoro Crater, home to five of the world’s most famous animals.

Due to the abundance of wildlife and the fact that they are kept within the crater walls by a landscape of springs, marshes, and fertile pasture, the Crater is a favorite safari location.

Come back to Gibb’s Farm after a long day in the Crater for a relaxing massage (often necessary after the rough roads of a game drive!) or just to relax and watch the birds in their beautiful gardens.

Day 13: Your Adventure Comes To An End

You will have your last meal in Africa after a substantial breakfast. Please come back soon; we’d love to have you!

End the of 13 Days East Africa Migration Safari Itinerary