8 Days Breathtaking Mundari And Dinka Photo Tour Itinerary

A Breathtaking Mundari And Dinka Photo Tour Itinerary. You may meet some of the most indigenous Mundari and Dinka people in Africa on this 8-day photo tour. North of Juba, the capital of South Sudan, is a tribe known as the Mundari, who graze cattle in a rural area along the White Nile. Living primarily on milk rather than meat, the Mundari subsist on their enormous herds of sacred cattle that graze on rich river terrain. The Mundari enjoy wrestling and singing as pleasures, and they use ash to massage their cows every morning to keep insects and flies at bay.

South Sudan is home to a large number of indigenous tribes, including the Dinka and Mundari. Nomadic pastoralists make up the bulk of the Dinka and Mundari people, and seeing their cattle camps—which can house a thousand or more animals—is a fascinating way to learn about their culture and history. Cattle are deeply ingrained in South Sudanese culture and history, serving as both a symbol of wealth and status and, in times of pasture scarcity, a catalyst for violent conflict.

The Mundari are a people from the Dinka tribe. Other names for their cattle are Dinka, Dinka Cattle, Dinka Cattle Camp, Dinka Tribe Tour, and Mundari Cattle. This 8-day South Sudan Tour with Mundari and Dinka Photo focuses on introducing you to locations that are photographers’ dream. The rich cultural history, picturesque landscapes, and lively markets are what we’re after.

WRESTLING In SOUTH SUDAN 🇸🇸 (Mundari vs Dinka!)

Mundari And Dinka Photo Tour Detailed Itinerary

Day 1: Arrive in South Sudan

Once you touch down at Juba International Airport, your 8-day Mundari and Dinka Photo Tour will begin. Upon your arrival at Juba International Airport, a member of the Kabira Safaris & Tours Africa crew will be waiting to take you to your hotel for the night. We will take a brief city tour of Juba to Konyo Konyo, the largest market in South Sudan, when you arrive. In the market, you can see how the many different ethnic groups in South Sudan express themselves through their clothing and the scarifications they have on their bodies. Last but not least, supper and a stay at the Acacia Hotel

Day 2: to Mundari Cattle Camp

Mundari cattle camp, South Sudan.

Our plans for today include meeting with Juba’s municipal officials and then traveling to Terekeka’s Mundari livestock camp to introduce ourselves. The worryrs and I will be spending the next two nights camped out beside the Nile.

In these days, you’re going to take some pretty incredible images.

Day 3: Exploring the Mundari Cattle Camps

As you go deeper into the camps and towns, you’ll learn more about the fascinating people who still practice their ancient, unspoiled cultures.

Day 4: Last day in Mundari

We will bid farewell to the Mundari people and transfer to Juba after we catch the last sunrises.

Accommodation: Acacia Hotel Juba

Day 5: Local flight to bor town (Dinka)

You will board a small light aircraft bound for Bor after today’s transfer to Juba International Airport. When you get to Bor, you’ll meet the leaders and Dink guides who will welcome you to the village.

Accommodation: Tents
Meal Plan: Full board

Day 6: Full day in Dinka Cattle Camps and Villages

Meet up with some of Africa’s most ancient indigenous peoples once more! Sleeping in the camp with warriors and enthusiastic cattle herders is a great way to experience the well-known pastoral life of the Dinka people. Assist in herding and milking the cows, bring them in from grazing, learn to recognize local herbs and greens, participate in traditional practices like spearing a cow for blood to drink and eat roasted, and receive a Dinka name.

Day 7: Transfer back to Juba city

Have breakfast first thing in the morning and take in the final sunrise at this breathtaking camp before catching a small plane back to Juba.

Day 8: Tour of Juba city and flight back home

On the last day of your 8-day Mundari and Dinka Photo Tour, you will get the opportunity to see Juba’s top attractions, such as the Dr. John Garang Tombs, the Konyo konyo market, and local craft markets. Afterwards, you will be transferred to the airport for your journey back home, depending on your flight time. Your 8-Day Mundari and Dinka Photo Tour comes to a close now.

End of the 8 Days Mundari And Dinka Photo Tour