Mundari Tribe Experience: 3 Days Complete Itinerary

Join Mundari Tours on a three-day journey through the heart of southern Sudan and experience an adventure you won’t soon forget. One of the most intriguing indigenous communities in the area, the Mundari, will have their fascinating culture brought to life through this immersive event.

Immerse yourself in the Mundari culture of southern Sudan on a three-day excursion. Learn about their culture and marvel at the beautiful scenery.

Visiting The Mundari Tribe Of South Sudan🇸🇸(Takes Urine showers)

Detailed Itinerary:

Day 1: Arrival In Juba

Reaching Juba. You will be driven to your hotel by your guide after meeting at the central market, which is conveniently located beside the Nile and the best spot to get a sense for the city of Konyo. Get to know South Sudan and discuss the day’s activities with your guide. Get some local currency and check out the Juba Old Town and market area. Enjoy supper at a nearby eatery and spend the night

Day 2: Juba – Mundari Cattle Camp (3h)

Mundari Tribe (South Sudan 🇸🇩 2021) Showers with Cow Urine

First meal of the day. An overview of the Dinka and Mundari peoples of the Nile River, their cattle-rearing traditions, the distinctions between them, and their current state of affairs. We will visit the British botanical garden, which is modest but intriguing, just beside the White Nile, and the Murle refugee camp, which is near one of the oldest mosques in Juba, after the explanation at the hotel.

We will drive to the Mundari territory after having lunch in a Syrian eatery and taking a little rest. A herd of many thousand long-horn cows and bulls has arrived at the Mundari cattle camp. By 6 o’clock in the evening, we will witness the animals making their way to their sleeping areas. Witness the close bond between the Mundari people and their animals as you meet the young Mundari. Get some shut-eye close to the herd. We spent the night in tents.

Day 3: Mundari Cattle Camp – Juba – Flight Back Home (3h)

First meal of the day. Say goodbye to the Mundari people and return to Juba via car. Final shopping trips and visits. The Royal Palace Hotel is available for day trippers. You will be transferred to the airport for your international trip back home at the scheduled time.

End of the 3 Days Mundari Tribe Experience Itinerary