What are the Predators of the Mountain Gorilla?

There aren’t many natural predators of the mountain gorilla in the wild because of its size and might. The only large creatures known to regularly kill lone gorillas, especially young gorillas, are leopards and crocodiles. However, no predator is powerful enough to defeat a whole confederate squad.

Predators to Mountain Gorillas

Since they have few natural predators, human activity, including conflict, illicit hunting, and habitat degradation from mining, agriculture, and industry, has posed the biggest threat to their survival. The habitat of the mountain gorilla is particularly harmed by a method of farming called slash and burn, in which farmers clear land by burning away the vegetation. Furthermore, due to the similarities between humans and gorillas, diseases frequently cross species boundaries when there is close interaction. The hazard of altering habitat, to which the gorilla will need to adapt, will be made worse by climate change.

The passing of the dominant male can have a significant impact on the group and upend the entire social system in mountain gorillas because of their delicate social structure. The group may permanently disband if there is not an instant appropriate replacement for a leader.

Do Gorillas Have Predators