Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp (Prices, Reviews, Photos & Videos)

The Sanctuary Gorillas Forest Camp blends a very unique jungle ambiance with one of the most amazing wildlife experiences there is. It is well situated for monitoring the untamed gentle giants of the Bwindi and incomprehensibly sophisticated for its isolated position.

This basic yet explorer-chic lodge is perched on one of the high, flat ridges of the UNESCO-protected Bwindi Forest. It features eight solitary, tented rooms constructed on wooden decks and en suite bathrooms outfitted with things like bathtubs from which you may soak while gazing out into the forest.

Some of your meals are had outside over the campfire, and on cooler nights, there is a community cabin with a bar and restaurant where you may eat and unwind with the other visitors.

Unexpected guests at Sanctuary Gorilla Forest Camp

Sophisticated Camp of Eight Tents. Great Location

The actual highlight of the show, though, is the camp’s daily activities, which range from guided forest treks to spot the park’s fascinating flora and fauna to community walks to meet local tea growers or the Batwa Pymgy tribe’s shaman. However, the majority travel to Bwindi to track the magnificent gorillas, with knowledgeable guides navigating the heavily forested hillsides and stumbling onto family groups grazing. All year long, gorilla tracking is done in groups of no more than eight persons.

Facilities & Services

  • 8 tents with en suite bathrooms
  • Communal cottage with bar and dining area


  • Gorilla Tracking
  • Bird watching walks
  • Community Walks
  • Batwa Tribe Experience
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