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With Singita Kwitonda Lodge, which just debuted in August 2019, explore the depths of Rwanda’s beautiful rainforest and take in a breathtaking experience. This sanctuary is devoted to Kwitonda, a renowned 40-year-old silverback gorilla who touched the lives of those who had the honor of meeting him at Volcanoes National Park. Trek with passionate guides on exhilarating treks at Singita Kwitonda Camp while contributing to sustainability and conservation.

Volcanoes National Park is the ideal location for gorilla trekking because it is home to more than a third of the world’s mountain gorillas. Elephants, black-fronted duiker, golden monkeys, and spectacular glimpses of these beautiful animals are also possible. Beautiful views of the extinct Sabyinyo, Gahinga and Muhabura volcanoes are closer to the camp, and the area is complemented with vibrant flowers. The huge waters of Lake Kivu offer a wealth of photographic opportunities if you don’t mind the trip.

Singita Kwitonda Lodge

Eight rooms and a four-bedroom villa with a minimal ecological footprint offer a magnificent haven for remembering great views and tales. This property’s crafts, materials, and furniture were obtained from nearby towns, creating an environment that is truly Rwandan. Enjoy rich, sumptuous meals prepared by chefs who are passionate about what they do, and appreciate how this exceptional hideaway balances luxury and practicality.

Highlights: Singita Kwitonda Lodge

  • In order to facilitate easy access to guided gorilla trekking, close to Volcanoes National Park
  • Beautiful and environmentally friendly suites with various bedroom sizes and a big family villa are available.
  • Yummy meals with a traditional flavor
  • aid in the preservation of mountain gorillas, who are in risk of extinction

Gorilla Trekking When Staying At Singita Kwitonda Lodge

All-inclusive Gorilla Trekking At Singita Kwitonda Lodge. Gorilla Trekking 101 – what you need to know for this once-in-a-lifetime encounter.

Anyone who takes the plunge and travels to Rwanda to see the mountain gorillas in their natural habitat will come away altered. Meeting these incredible animals in one of the few remaining habitats they have left has a profound effect on visitors, and ultimately on conservation efforts in East Africa.

The Rwandan lodge and villa offered by Singita are located on the outskirts of Volcanoes National Park and provide a tranquil home base for visitors to the park. Here, visitors may enjoy easy access to this rare and beautiful scenery while enjoying a personalized, cozy, and rejuvenating stay.

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