Source of River Nile in Uganda Facts, Map, Location, Cruise

Source of River Nile in Uganda Facts, Map, Location, Cruise. Visit the source of River Nile Jinja safaris – guaranteed awful safari adventure in Uganda – Boat cruise adventure at the source of River Nile on the Speke Mountain.

Visit the source of river Nile in Jinja, Uganda – the world’s longest river marks its legendary at Uganda’s Jinja, on Mt. Speke, before it flows for 4000 miles to the Mediterranean Sea through to Sudan and Egypt. The magnificent river is a must-visit in the country, most especially at its source. The source of the river Nile is located in Jinja about 2 hours from Kampala, the capital city of Uganda. Lake Victoria has a lot more history to it than the moment that John Hannington Speke arrived on its shores as one of the Great African Lakes. East Africa’s adrenaline, Jinja is a hive of many other touristic activities for anyone interested in a weekend gateway from the bustle of the city including all year white water rafting, Kayaking, Jet boating, bungee jumping to kiss the Nile, Squad biking, horse riding by the shores of the Nile and lot more.

The 2,000 Year Search for the Source of the Nile River

Who found the source of the Nile River?

Are you wondering who discovered the source of the River Nile? – John Hanning Speke discovered the source of the Nile on August 3rd, 1858. John Hanning Speke, an army officer’s son from the West Country, was commissioned into the army of the East India Company in 1844 at the age of seventeen.

Where do we find the source of the River Nile?

The Longest international River has its source in Uganda, with its drainage basins covering eleven countries. The countries include Uganda, Tanzania, Congo – Kinshasa, Kenya, Ethiopia, Eritrea, South Sudan, Sudan, Egypt, Rwanda, and Burundi. The Nile serves as a primary source of water to Egypt and Sudan. The wonderful river has its source in Uganda, in Jinja, where it marks its legendary journey on Mt. Speke. The Nile flows for more than 4000 miles before it pours its water into the Mediterranean Sea.

Source of River Nile safari Experience – Jinja Uganda safari experience

The expedition will have you dwell in Jinja city, East Africa’s adrenaline capital with a lot of captivating adventures. The Nile starts its journey to Egypt from Lake Victoria in Jinja town – eastern Uganda. When you drive out to the source of the Nile, your first encounter is the beautiful gardens in the vicinity. Next are several craft shops with mostly African pieces sourced from all over the country. You can then visit and photograph several monuments which have a historical attachment to the Nile. For example, Mahatma Gandhi requested that some of his ashes be sprinkled in the Nile after cremation along many other rivers in the world.

source-of-the-Nile Once on the shores of River Nile will have you take a motorized traditional boat to where the river waters ‘start’ separating from the lake waters, the spot is clearly marked with a signpost. Wow-what a fantastic experience.  Over the years because of several dam constructions downstream along the Nile, the water levels have increased upstream making it sometimes impossible to step on the slab by the signpost for photos. However, you are still able to take them while in the boat with the sign in the background. In the dry seasons when the rains are scanty it is sometimes possible to step on the slab for personal photos.

There is amazing scenery all along the Nile as it curves through Uganda with sections through communities where you have sightings of fishermen, gardens along the Nile, and homes with energetic beautiful children often excited to see boats on the water. What a fantastic place to visit!!!

world's longest River
Source of River Nile Jinja
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