An Authentic 15 Days Uganda And South Sudan Itinerary

On this wildlife and cultural immersion tour of South Sudan and Uganda for 15 days, you’ll see the Mundari people of South Sudan and the interesting Karamoja people of Uganda, among other things. You’ll also go on treks to Sipi Falls. Incorporated with safaris of wildlife in the less-visited Kidepo Valley National Park and a Nile cruise to the world’s most impressive waterfalls. Through this program, you will get the opportunity to explore South Sudan and Uganda in a way that most tourists miss.

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15 Days Uganda And South Sudan Itinerary Highlights

  • Day 1: Arrival in Uganda
  • Day 2: Drive to Jinja ( Source of River Nile)
  • Day 3: To Sipi Falls
  • Day 4: Hike and Transfer to Moroto
  • Day 5: Meet the Karimajong people
  • Day 6: To Kidepo Valley National Park
  • Day 7: Morning and Evening Game Drive
  • Day 8: To Murchison Falls
  • Day 9: Morning Game drive and afternoon water safari
  • Day 10: To Entebbe
  • Day 11: Flight to Juba
  • Day 12: Juba city tour and registration with the authorities
  • Day 13: Transfer to Terekeka camping in the Mundari cattle camp
  • Day 14: Full day in the camp
  • Day 15: Transfer to Juba for flight back home

Detailed Itinerary: 15 Days Uganda And South Sudan

Day 1: Welcome to Uganda!

A 10-minute drive will get you to the ViaVia Guesthouse from Entebbe Airport, where our guide will be ready to greet you. Here is where you will be met by your Kabira Safaris & Tours Africa guide tomorrow morning after a hearty meal. From there, your trip will begin. Your ability to explore the area will be determined by the moment of your arrival. Entebbe is well-organized and offers a wide variety of possibilities. For instance, a trip to the UWEC or the Botanical Gardens in Uganda.

Located in Entebbe, just ten minutes from the airport, ViaVia Entebbe is a charming place to stay. There is a private patio in each of the rooms that looks out over the beautiful garden. Unwind in a hammock while you watch the monkeys play in the trees; soak in the hot tub; watch the sun set over the horizon; and spend the nights by the campfire. Enjoy a well-rounded foreign and local meal at this restaurant that features fresh, healthful ingredients seasoned with flavors from around the world. An unforgettable and genuinely touching experience awaits you at ViaVia!

Accommodation: Via Via Guest house
Journey time: 10 minutes
Meal Plan: No meals inclusive

Day 2 to Jinja (the source of the mighty River Nile)

Rafting the Nile – Jinja, Uganda

The journey to Jinja will mark the start of your tour of South Sudan and Uganda today. East of Kampala, on the shores of Lake Victoria, is Jinja, which is approximately three hours away. On our 20-day cultural and wildlife safari, we will begin our journey here. Not only is this town the adrenaline capital of East Africa, but it is also famed as the historic source of the Nile River. Visitors can satisfy their adventurous spirit while simultaneously appreciating tranquility, birdlife, and serene sunsets. Take part in exciting pursuits like white-water rafting, kayaking, tubing, quad biking, mountain biking, and horseback riding. In Jinja, you may see beautiful colonial buildings surrounded by nature. The town grew as a trade post and significant river crossing after the British colonial government arrived in 1906. Modern Jinja is known for its lively downtown and wide, verdant residential avenues that run parallel to the Nile River.

Journey Time: 3 hours
Accommodation: Nile river camp
Meal Plan: Breakfast and dinner

Optional Activities in Jinja

  • White water rafting
  • A horseback safari
  • Quad-biking
  • A day of whitewater kayaking on the river
  • A sundowner cruise on the Nile above are at an additional cost. Please get in to find out more.

Day 3: Sipi Falls and Coffee Tour

The stunning Sipi Falls are situated on a plateau 1800 meters above sea level, accessible via a drive through northeastern Uganda, at the foothills of Mount Elgon. Village walking trails and verdant hills that produce coffee surround this open space, which features a breathtaking succession of waterfalls, some of which are about 100 meters high. On either side of the steep hills are three waterfalls. When opposed to the milder climates seen elsewhere in Uganda, this area is noticeably cooler. Far from the noise and chaos of the city, you may unwind in the peaceful surroundings and take in the fresh air. In addition to hiking, there are a variety of other things to choose from, such as abseiling, a coffee tour, and community visits.

Ideally situated at the foot of Mount Elgon, the Sipi River resort offers a breathtaking setting. Of all the places to stay in the region, this one is the most cozy. From your veranda, you can take in the magnificent scenery and watch one of the Kapsurur Falls in action. Here you may relax with a cup of garden-grown coffee—among the world’s finest Arabica beans—and, if you’re lucky, witness the breathtaking sunsets for which this location is known. Utilizing fresh, regional ingredients, the eatery prepares comforting, home-style dishes.

Journey time: 7 hours
Accommodation: Sipi River Lodge Meal Plan: Dinner and Breakfast

Day 4: Sipi Falls hike, Karamoja Region (Moroto)

A sequence of waterfalls formed by the Sipi River as it passes over the Mount Elgon foothills culminating in a stunning drop encircled by picturesque hiking paths and verdant slopes. A three- or seven-hour hike through the area is available for those who are really daring. While hiking, you will be accompanied by a local guide. It is possible to combine the nature and waterfall walk with a coffee tour or a cultural trip, but you can also go alone. Regardless of your choice, you will certainly encounter numerous waterfalls, plantations, and caverns. The locals will be overjoyed to see you and will grin and shout “Jambo!” as they welcome you.

Tomorrow, you will participate in cultural activities in Moroto town, which is located in the center of the Karamoja area. This town is your destination for the 20-day cultural and wildlife safari. On the slopes of Mount Moroto (3085m), in the very center of the Karamoja region, lies the Karamoja tented camp. Located in the heart of northeast Uganda, this is an ideal starting point for your expedition. The architecture of the camp is a contemporary take on native practices and materials. In the midst of an unspoiled northeastern Uganda safari, you will get a one-of-a-kind encounter with the country’s rich history, luxurious accommodations, and kind hospitality.

Journey Time: 5 hours
Accommodation: Kara Tunga safari camp
Meal Plan: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 5: Meet the Karimajong People

Life in a traditional Karimojong Village (Karamoja, Uganda)

This part of Uganda has not been mapped out yet. The Karamojong are the most traditional tribe in Uganda, and this is one of the few places in the country where you can learn about their way of life. You set out for a picturesque nature walk in the morning, following the valley of Karamoja’s tallest mountain, Mount Moroto. We will be camping at a traditional So Tepeth mountain community as we trek.

What follows is an encounter with a Karamajong family residing in a Kraal, which the Swahili people call Manyatta or Boma. The fundamental structure of a kraal is a collection of huts enclosed by a hedge of thorns and wood. Cattle herds use these to keep out predators and other wild animals. Although some kraals are there permanently, others are just there momentarily to follow the new grass as it grows so that the cattle can eat it.

The Karamajong are a related group who share many similarities with the Masai. The one key distinction is that the Karamajong remain unknown to the rest of the globe! We would love to show you this unspoiled, one-of-a-kind spot in Uganda so you can find out what everyone is talking about.

Accommodation: Kara Tunga safari camp
Meal Plan: Break fast and dinner

Day 7: Kidepo Valley National Park

On this day of this 15 days South Sudan and Uganda Tour you will go to the most distant and pristine national park in the country: Kidepo Valley National Park.

In the mountainous semi-arid valleys in the extreme northeast of Uganda, Kidepo Valley National Park lies buried away in a remote and not commonly visited area between Uganda’s borders with Sudan and Kenya. It is a lengthy but extremely rewarding drive to come to this area with some of the most magnificent landscape in Uganda. You’ll have an afternoon wildlife drive in the untamed Narus valley where herds of elephants & buffalos as well as stunning sightings of lions and leopards lounging on various valley rocks can be sighted.

Day 7: Safari in Kidepo

Safari in Uganda – Kidepo Valley National Park – Karamoja Region

One of the rare Ugandan parks that offers walking safaris is Kidepo Valley National Park. You will be accompanied by an armed ranger for your protection as you trek through the wilderness. This is a great alternative to game viewing from a vehicle because it allows you to get up close and personal with the animals. The mischievous baboons, buffalo, waterbuck, giraffe, warthog, zebra, bush-buck, and a plethora of bird species are all year-round residents. At regular intervals, the guide will pause to educate you about the local wildlife, birds, insects, trees, feces, plants, their medicinal uses, and the foods eaten by various animals.

This magnificent national park will be the site of your second game drive during your twentieth day of cultural and wildlife safaris. Rocky outcrops and mountain ranges encircle the grassland. It is home to a plethora of large mammals, 475 bird species, and 80 different kinds of mammals, 28 of which are either uncommon or never seen in any other park in Uganda. Here are a few examples: ostriches, zebras, aardwolves, caracals, cheetahs, and both larger and smaller kudus. Among the best national parks in Africa, Kidepo Valley National Park is ranked third by CNN. It is also considered one of the best wilderness areas in Africa.

Day 8: to Murchison Falls National Park

Your journey to one of Uganda’s oldest conservation sites, Murchison Falls National Park, continues today. Traveling through the varied landscapes of Northern Uganda is an arduous but ultimately worthwhile undertaking.
Of all the nature reserves in Uganda, the largest and most famous is Murchison Falls National Park. It is an absolute must-visit in the Pearl of Africa, thanks to the magnificent and mighty Murchison waterfall and its incredible animal populations. Amazing things to do include going on a Nile Delta safari or a boat safari. As it flows southward into Lake Albert after navigating several rapids and waterfalls, the river cuts the park in half.

The majority of wildlife was unfortunately wiped away during the war years by both army and poachers. Lucky for us, every single species of wildlife in the park has made a full recovery since then, with the exception of the rhinos. You can get up close and personal with the African animal kingdom on a game drive around the park, and the sheer number of elephants will astound you. You can also see crocodiles, waterbucks, buffalo, lions, antelope, and giraffes. You may reach the northern section of the tracks, where game drives are held, by taking a ferry across the river. During your 20-day cultural and animal safari, this park will ensure that you have an adventure.

Journey time: 8 hours
Accommodation: Fort Murchison
Meal Plan: Breakfast and Dinner

Day 9: Morning Game Drive and Afternoon Water Safari

We will be exploring the park after an early breakfast. Having excellent eyesight and a healthy dose of luck are necessities on game drives if you want to see as many animals as possible. You may get up close and personal with the African wildlife kingdom as you drive around the park. This 15-day tour of South Sudan and Uganda will take you to see every tropical bird and animal imaginable, as well as lions, leopards, buffalo, antelope, and elephants. All of them are present! In your vehicle, you will be accompanied by a certified park ranger who is well-versed in the area’s history, ecosystem, and wildlife. Elephants, a plethora of bird species, and large buffalo herds are the park’s most recognizable features. As you explore the park, you’ll come across a variety of ecosystems and landscapes, including thick forests, vast savannahs, and undulating grasslands. Since this is a private game drive, you have the freedom to request that your guide focus on particular species of birds and animals.

An unforgettable experience is the afternoon boat safari to Murchison Falls, which follows the Victoria Nile for about three hours before arriving at the foot of the waterfalls. Just think about all the amazing sights you’ll see on this boat safari.

As you descend to the base of the mighty Murchison Falls, you will be closely observed by crocodiles, hundreds of hippos, buffalo, water birds, monkeys, and all the other (also thirsty) animals that the Nile entices. Hikers can take about an hour and a half to reach the peak of the waterfalls after the boat drops them off. Wow, what breathtaking sights!

Day 10: Transfer to Entebbe

Day 11: flight to juba

In Entebbe, you can unwind by the lakeside before catching a flight to Juba, South Sudan, later today.

Day 12: Juba city tour and registration with the authorities

We will be visiting Juba’s largest market, Konyo Konyo, today. Visit the Dr. John Garang Mausoleum to learn about the many ethnic groups that make up South Sudan. While sipping our drinks, we can take in breathtaking views of the Juba bridge across the Nile from the adjacent Da Vinci hotel.

Accommodation: Royal Palace Hotel

Day 13: Transfer to Terekeka camping in the Mundari cattle camp


The Mundari capital, Terekeka Town, will be our destination after breakfast. After a five-hour trip, we will stop for lunch at a local establishment known as Naivasha. After lunch, we will meet with the local authorities and continue driving to Nyikabor village. when we pitch our tents for the night and immerse ourselves in Mundari culture.

Day 14: Full day in the Mundari Cattle Camp

On our way to witness a Mundari ritual, we’ll stop at a cattle camp. Primarily, the Mundari are pastoralists. Their world revolves on the livestock. We will spend the day visiting small Mundari villages where scarification is still done to this day, attempting to learn more about their culture. Scarification is a sign of prestige, used as dowry and as a source of money.

Accommodation: Tents. FB

Day 15: Departure

At the conclusion of your 15-day Tribes Tour of South Sudan and Uganda, our driver-guide will take you from the Royal Palace Hotel to Juba International Airport in time for your international flight home.

End of the 15 Days Uganda And South Sudan Itinerary

Price Includes

  • Local Flights
  • 14 Nights Hotel and Camping
  • Tour Guide
  • Entrance Fees
  • All transportation in destination location

Price Excludes

  • Tips to the guides and chefs
  • Any Private Expenses
  • Room Service Fees