Gorillas in the Mist A True Story of Dian Fossey & Reviews

Gorillas in the Mist A True Story of Dian Fossey & Reviews – watch Gorillas in the Mist in Uganda and Rwanda. Gorillas in the Mist is a True Story.

Watch Gorillas in the Mist True Story – The Virungas and the Bwindi Impenetrable Forest are the world’s last refuge for the mountain gorilla (Gorilla gorilla beringei) Mountain gorillas are among the rarest of four sub-species of gorillas found only in the dense forests of central and western Africa. Only about 700 individuals remain – more than half of them living among these often-misty volcanic mountains.

The Virungas mountain gorilla population is about 380 individuals (2003 census) and the Bwindi population is about 320 individuals (2002 census). Humans now occupy the space between these two highland parks, and there are no known interactions between the two gorilla populations despite the that they are separated by less than 550 km.

Mountain gorillas (apes) and three monkey species, including the rare golden monkey, occur in the Virungas. Golden monkeys are highly endangered and can only be found in forests surrounding the Virungas’ steep mountains.

Living in these isolated mountains. These communities of apes and monkeys are good examples of specialized adaptation – living, reproducing, and dying within a relatively small population in a small area. For us, they are exotic inhabitants of the land-locked islands.

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Watching Gorillas in the Mist With Reviews

Reviewed February 8, 2017

Most have seen the movie Gorillas in the Mist about Dian Fossey and her work with the endangered mountain gorillas in this area of Africa. Getting the chance to actually observe them in their natural setting is one of those moments you will always remember.

The first thing to know is that Rwanda is extremely safe. The people are lovely and you will not feel like you need to take more precautions that one would normally take in a western country. Other than taking appropriate steps to avoid tropical diseases, guard against mosquitos and take care with the drinking water, you need not fear this area of Africa.

Gorilla trekking permits are limited so one needs to make arrangements ahead of time to ensure you can get into the park with a guide. There are only a few families of gorillas that are used to humans and the park guides will take groups of 8 people to visit one. If these groups are full, you will not be able to go that day. There are many tour companies that will make the arrangements for you.

Things to plan for:

1. Each family of gorillas travels in a wide range daily in search of food and places to sleep. The trackers report back to the guides the location of each family. You can request a easy, moderate of difficult trek to see families that are close to the park headquarters or further into the park. Keep in mind that a moderate trek can quickly become much more difficult if it rains for any length of time or if the family moves while you are following them. The moderate treks are usually 3 to 4 hours and not too difficult, but a moderate trek that I was on became a 6 hour challenge when the family moved deeper into the park and it rained on us for 4 hours. There was a river of water coming down at us as we tried to climb up a trail and the footing was treacherously slippery.

2. Wear layers. It can start off cold early in the day and get very hot as you hike. You will want to be able to take off and put on layers as needed. The stinging plants are not to be underestimated. Not only do the stings hurt, but the stinging sensation lasts for up to 24 hours and is very unpleasant. You will need to wear long pants, long sleeve shirt and wear gloves. You may not need to wear the long sleeve shirt and gloves the whole time, but be prepared to put them on if the guides warn you about nettles in the area. These plants easily sting through one layer of clothes so consider wearing your raincoat in areas that are dense with these plants, even if it isn’t raining.

3. If the weather is dry, you could get away with sneakers or low hiking boots. Unfortunately there is no guarantee and you are going to be in a area where it rains almost every day. Hiking boots that rise above the ankle is recommended as are gaiters and a raincoat.

4. Definitely tuck your pants into your socks to avoid ants and nettles attacking your ankles. I recommend gaiters. If the day is dry, you will feel like you wasted your money, but if it rains hard, you will be very thankful for the gaiters. Boots can fill up with water quickly if you have to step through mud or if it rains and the water run off is part of the trail you are hiking on. Gaiters will help a little. They will also help to protect you from the nettles.

5. Bring a backpack to carry your water (you should bring at least one litre per person), raincoat, layers of clothing/gloves and some snacks just in case you are out longer than you anticipated.

6. You shouldn’t need mosquito repellent as the altitude is generally too high for mosquitos. You may want to bring it anyway. The altitude will make the sun slightly stronger if it is shining, but chances are you will be in cloud cover or rain. Bring sunblock just in case.

7. Bring a camera and make sure the batteries are completely charged.

8. Hire a porter. This supports the local communities as the porters live in the villages around the park. If the locals earn a living from the tourists coming to see the gorillas, they are much more inclined to assist in the conservation of the gorillas’ habitat/environment and help protect them from poachers by reporting suspicious activity. Furthermore, it is much easier to hike without the weight of the bag on your shoulders. If your hike becomes more difficult than you anticipated, you will be grateful for the porter.

If you are someone that goes for long walks on uneven terrain routinely then an ‘easy’ or ‘moderate’ trek will be no issue. If you are concerned, ask to be placed on an easy trek. The moderate treks require more balance, endurance and knee strength. As I mentioned, these can become more difficult depending on the gorillas movements and the weather. The long treks are only for those who are fit, have good knees and good balance (there are slippery patches, logs to walk on, stones to hop over).

Don’t miss this opportunity!

Date of experience: January 2017